The Dawood Ibrahim Tapes Transcript

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The Dawood tapes transcript

Dawood in Karachi is angry that his financial advisor Yasir, the son of an influential Pakitani, has cheated him. 

Jawed, who heads the D-Company operations in Dubai is talking to Dawood along with Yasir in the D-tapes.

Jawed: Yasir and I are sitting. We discussed everything, about all the faults that have been made, and because of the mistakes what losses have happened. Why mistakes were made, what truth was told, what lies were told, what curtain was put over things and why curtain was put over things.

He has agreed he has made those faults. And now in the end, the stage that we’re at, I’ve given them a solution, or advice.

The conversation we have had over this is that two things can be done, one the project … it is not like it’s a downtown plot that a fight broke loose, one bhai (brother) took it and the story was over, everyone went their own way.

This is a project, if the project needs to work then their interest needs to be kept fully intact, no loss should happen and the project should go on and no faults happen.

And if the project has to be sold then the interest, full interest, has to be kept and there should not be any pressure on the market.

So these are the questions I’ve kept before them. 

Now in the end I have told him that two things can be done. One, the downtown plot, if the project needs to go on he’ll have to keep your interest intact without loss and see that faults do not happen. And if you want to sell the project then also he will have to keep the interest and see that it does not affect the market.

No shares should be sold. It’s my order and my verdict, else call all the partners and convince them they need to be spoken to.

The question of selling our 5 lakh does not arise as Yasir and the 7 others who sold building I already know.

Two are Uttaman’s boys, one is Altaf Duggal, one is Salim Khasdar and Irfan, all of them are ours. Two outsiders have been sold the flats, Rakesh was sold to by IG and Jain was sold to by Jain house.

All the seven buildings have been sold by them, it is the responsibility of the company which has sold them; our money is 5 lakh per foot, for example. The first phase of eight buildings has been kept by IG. The second phase of eight building has been kept by Pen and another six have been kept by Pen and 53rd villa has also been kept by Pen. Three buildings and five villas in Noor Makati is selling them in city scape and taking cheques for them. I know Irfan has given them.

I’m talking about Irfan.  About three buildings you have nothing to do.

If our material does not sell if the project goes on because for the phase 1 the 5 conditional cheques that have been taken there is no legal liability and they do not need to perform and they are non-cashable.

From the eight buildings the front row buildings, are the most valuable, they will sell the quickest. 

If phase one project continues the five cheques which are conditional so obtained them have no significance as they are non-cashable cheques. There is no need to inform the persons who have issued the cheques. There is no legal liability because of that.

Out of the 8, they are front row flats they are the most valuable, will be sold flat and if one lakh foot building there then we can buy 5 buildings. If not 5 buildings then we’ll take 4 or take villa or villas in more quantity. Theirs is so much material that we can take it on our side.

We’ll have to make our own strategy.

Dawood: After taking the material we want to go out. We want the front as well. For example even if justice has to be done, we have to have material accordingly.

Jawed: Along with the front we can also have some villas.

Dawood: It is okay.

Jawed: There should not be any issue with Pen or IG. Whatever, they have sold 75% of the companies that have to be made into cash flow and the rest 25% will go in separately.

However we sell it at original value.

There’s no problem.

Jawed: I was just thinking in the 7 buildings they have sold, the market should not feel bad and nor should our interest incur a loss. This should be formalized and everyone is before you. We will help a little bit and be reasonable, see these people are being unreasonable?

Dawood: Yes we can definitely do that. We can talk to some investors as well who can see this is going on. Did you not understand? That if the person has given 10 million and in return received 30 million, then we can suggest you take the 20 million in profit. Did you not understand?

Jawed: Yes, I’ve understood

Dawood: We can take 20 to 25% from them from any angle. If they get money altogether, then good riddance. In three years I’ll get this, but I’m getting 50% right now. So 50% cash now, is good.

Jawed: One second sir, there’s a question for you. (Yes go on… )

Yasir: If brother is going his separate way, then will he be continuing with Miraz? Or has he sold the material? If the material sells together it’ll make profit.

Jawed: No, no he’s continuing with Miraz. Strategy will be made. At the moment, installment will be given. But when we do our marketing, we will have a discussion with you individually. We will have no have obligation with Pen.  

Yasir: That’s obvious.

Jawed: That’s what I’m saying. We’ll have to discuss and have a joint strategy, else our material and yours will have a difference 690 (che so nubbe) you will…

Dawood: My advise is that if it can be sorted out with Malik..

Jawed: In that case, brother’s 25% must stay intact. And the rest whatever companies need to be sorted out, we can help them do that.  

Yasir: Dawood Bhai’s 25% should remain intact

Jawed: We will get it out.

Yasir: We’ll take it out.

Jawed: And then these people need to be treated reasonably so that they don’t act unreasonably with us.

Yasir: Whatever losses will happen we’ll…

Jawed: And in this we’ll see that minimum loss is incurred and whatever support you would need for that we will give.

Jawed: He (Yasir) also says that if we get out then by God it will be good.

Dawood: Yes, if we get out then everyone’s respect will be intact. Do you understand?

For the investor’s, if we stand on today’s date and give them a profit tomorrow then also money can be saved. Do you understand?

Jawed: Yes, money can be saved. Whoever the deal of was made with…

Dawood: We’ll see about that.

Jawed: We’ll make a formula

Dawood: We’ll decide later that this much is left, and what we need to do about the faults that they have made.

Jawed: I have understood. This is withstanding the 25%.

Dawood: Yes, withstanding the 25%.

And then we’ll speak to Chotani and IG. Do you understand?

Jawed: Yes, I’ve understood.

Dawood: We’ll be getting 75% and 75% for instance, is being given to them as profit.

Jawed: Hmmm

Dawood: In this ratio if we are getting more then we’ll put a penalty, if we’re getting less then also we’ll put a penalty.

If we are getting more, then we’ll take some shares and if they’re getting more then we’ll decide what to do.

Jawed: Ok sir.

Dawood: Did you understand?

Jawed: I understood fully.

Dawood: And if there’s any clever ploy in this, and if material is taken from Miraz, then they will not be spared, no matter who it is.

Because I’ve told Miraz if any new deal is made from our company, and if they have exchanged hands and taken something from Miraz, then also they will be responsible.

Jawed: I’ve understood.

Dawood: You understood?

Jawed: So these two things will have to be told to both of whom have entered in a deal with Miraz.

Dawood: Everything will have to be told to them. To him and them, to Yasir, to Chotani and IG.

Do you understand?

Jawed: Yasir has understood very well that henceforth how he needs to act. And never to get involved with them.

He has said he will not work with those people anymore, without your permission. And secondly…


Jawed: Well he is saying that even if you give permission I will not do it.

Dawood: Very good. I have told him that next time don’t do any work with him. Do you understand? But in spite of that if you do, then you have to ask me.

Do you understand?  

Firstly don’t do it at all, that’s very good. But if there’s a time in life that you think that you should do it then you should ask for permission.

Jawed: Yasir has completely understood this. He is saying that it’s the third time this has happened because of which I’ve made mistakes.

I’ve also made mistakes, I’ve also told lies but now I don’t want any association with them because of which my relation or my family’s relations in any way are spoilt with you.

Dawood: Tell Yasir, although all our talks are done, his one lie has played a major role in this.

Jawed: I’ve told Yasir that his total Saudi thing, IG’s 10 cheating ways that have been done and your one is equal.

Dawood: Exactly. Definitely it is equal. One thing, Yasir knows that I am also one of his investors.

Jawed: I’ve told him this, I asked him this first. That what do you understand? That do you think of him as a family member, or a well-wisher.

Yasir has told the whole category.

Jawed: That first he thinks of you as a family member, then a well-wisher, then supporter, then financial supporter, or investor.

Jawed: So I asked him when such a big package from lila had come back from the Saudi’s then…

So Yasir tells me that they told him they had spoken to brother first and offered 50% and he advised them to go towards the Saudi’s.

Dawood: The circumstances were different. That was a different thing.

Dawood: I didn’t know that he’s selling us change for the whole project. Even the Arab’s habit was like mine where they too wanted to pick up 50% and they were also not the type to give away change.

His example is there 50 minutes old.

Do you understand?

Jawed: Sir, that’s what I’ve spoken about with Yasir. He has told me..

Dawood: this is just like the time I said no for 3 buildings. It’s just like that.

Dawood: This is about the very beginning.

Why would I have said no and said been after the Arab’s and said take it from the Arab’s, take it from the Arab’s?

Jawed: Sir, it’s not about that. All of this is known. The main thing is when you said no for the 50%, it was the first day. And when the material came back the well was already dug.

Dawood: No first listen… the first day I said no, it was according to the situation that was told to me and the second day I had asked for all of arbi’s material for the company.

Jawed: the second day it was said don’t give the Arab’s and they said it has already been given to the Arab’s. You know that right?

Jawed: Yes, you didn’t know about this. But the second day when its being asked for then their interest was there.

Dawood: No, no. he should know that the 2nd day he was told, and even before he was told that we’ve asked Arbi’s material. Then he said he had called them up. Do u understand?

Jawed: sir I did not know about this. I got to know only when I reached you that you had asked for Arabs material on the second day.

Dawood: suppose it was not asked for. The first day, there was not a word in the market, now we’re discussing.

Now what we’re discussing there are many things in it but when we finalize things the talks will change everything. Do you understand?

Dawood: Right now the talks are verbal. In the verbal talks I told Arbi, and I did not send it to the market.

Because he was praising the Arab’s, saying they were like one of those people that they are this and that.

He had introduced one person to me and I did not know that this material will get in to so much trouble in the market, I gave it to the Arab’s.

The next day I found out that we had got petrol in our hands..

Jawed: that’s what I’m saying.

This was like a certificate of proof that the land was bearing petrol. You should have first called me up because we are that kind of an investor. The rest are thieves.

So he said to me…

Dawood: Let me tell you one thing. There’s no doubt that it is Yasir’s fault 100%.

Jawed: He has accepted it.

Dawood: Just to let you know, my 11 million were lying with him and then they were selling it to the investor and giving me the money and secondly, Yasir also has my money about 8 lakhs. I told him let it remain with you…

He said 1 million more has been put somewhere. I didn’t even ask where it had been put.

Now this is a small little thing.

Jawed: That’s correct

Dawood:  But tell me one thing now, when they are their companies money into something they should have forcefully put me in there.

Should have said that brother…Have I asked him what you’re buying and what he’s doing?

Then when he had a reason, and he thinks of me as his own then he should have told me forcibly that keep it. I’m telling you to keep it.

Yasir: That’s absolutely correct.

Dawood:  If I was there…They are my eyes.

My people are my eyes, they are my mouth.

They look things and tell me what has to be done and what should not. I’m sitting here.

From the entire world I receive information, and if that information itself is wrong, then I’ll be misguided.

The prime minister does not go to every street. People come and tell him what is happening and then he takes a decision.

Jawed: You are absolutely correct.

Dawood: Yasir is not that innocent that, “brother said no to IG then how can I ask him?” This is not the case.

Jawed: No no, I have also told him that when everything is under you then it does not matter what the ones below Say, you should have consulted with the guy on top it is was your duty.

You’ve already been misled by them in downtown.

Even in downtown you had said they told me this. At least this time you should have checked if its right and offer investment.

Yasir: So these are all the things that have been discussed and he has accepted his faults. And he said that because of this I will not work with those people.

Dawood: and tell Yasir one thing that brother, the story I had told you about Goenka was told solely for him.

In the story it does not relate to IG, the story relates to our people.

Do you understand?

Jawed: Understood. Have you heard the story about Goenka? (asks yasir)

He says yes, it fits me completely.

He says that when he asked them they said we had first asked bhai and it was again a mistake. Asking then, and asking now in the analysis, there is a world of difference.

It had already gone.  

When I spoke to him he said that he realized he has done a mistake.

The scenario that was then and now is different.

Jawed: He says maybe the 27 million got to my head.  

Dawood: Son you told me lies for some interests?

For your own interests you gave me false statement or you hid it from me.

You understand?

Jawed: One second sir, he wants to speak to you.

Dawood: Yes, give it to him

Yasir: Asalam walikum bhai.

Dawood: Walikum salam son.

Yasir: Brother, we did not hide it from you because of the interest; the interest had developed later.

But I have so much sincerity that I told haziri that the 25 million that you asked to raise, you can ask mike that the payment need to be made in a week.

Ask them to give that share and as the company is running it will run.

Dawood: Hmm

That’s what I told them first.

Dawood: Now, you’ll have to tell this before haziri and ig.

You will have to quote this in front of chutani as well. that brother I told him first that you take from brother but instead he took a loan from me.

Do you understand?

You tell me… listen, first I had 25%.

I had 25% first by God’s grace, by thinking of it as a big investment I gave my 25%. That 25% gets sold the next day. Okay? Now my investment is over but.

Yasir: Yes

Dawood: Correct?

But now the material left is the Arab’s.

And now my investment needs to placed somewhere?

Yasir: Of course

Now, I’m just sitting ideal. So now firstly they know that there is money is brother’s pocket and his money is in ours as well.


Yasir: correct

Dawood: now that you said that you spoke to him.

So when you told him, how big a blunder did he make that he had my money and then he took other’s money…

He took my money and gave other’s the profit and then returned my money on zero condition.

And the money that has been used for two months.

You understand?

Yasir: Yes. 11 days.

Dawood: And used it so easily. Tell me whats the limit of my losses? You know the advice that I’m giving is legal advice. I’m not giving you any penanlty.

Keep this in mind.

The right that I have of 25%, but I indeed have full rights, but leave it.

If all these things would have been kept then I have told you what would have been for me.

I would have invested for 50%. 

I would have put 25% of the profit into the company and 12.5% would have come as return to me.


In this process my money would have been stopped for how long?

15 days, 1 month or maximum 2 months and I would have sold the material on my own terms.

I have told this to you as I’ve told your father, you can ask Haji Majeed and others they all came to me…

And they agreed on these same conditions.

They said Bhai give me at least Sade 6%. In these same terms they agreed.

And that Chotani was also their when Haji Majeed came to me. You understood? This was when 50% was sold.

When the other 50% was gone then which man would have… suppose IG said that I don’t have any interest in it.

I have not ever questioned you. Has it ever happened that you have told me about a project have I asked what you’re charging and what you’re doing?

Yasir: No, brother

Dawood: Okay, one more thing.

You told me that in one building we’re getting a profit of 2.5 lakhs if we wait for some time we’ll earn some more. I said okay you wait.

Yasir: I was consulting you.

Dawood: You were consulting and then when you made me understand that if we wait we’ll get more profit. So I said wait.

Dawood: In the same way, what IG did, he did. But what you did… taking other investors when I’ve given you full independence.

When you have my money with you, you have been given full rights over it.

Before selling this thing in the market you could have given me one call. That bhai this IG is giving me this proposal, in this bhai I’m also investing for my company, and you’re a family member.

Yasir: Hmm.

Dawood: Brother, without worrying just invest in it.

Yasir: Yes that’s the mistake I made.

Dawood: By calling it a mistake son… don’t…

Yasir: No no by calling it a mistake I’m not saying you forgive me for my mistake but what you’re saying I should have done just that.

Yasir: Yes you should have. See, first in my focus was IG.  IG was why I did not call you which I’ve already told your father.

I told your father that one wrong thing was said and if I say something it will not be tolerable for me, I told this to your father clearly…

Dawood: That  brother, Iqbal brother, I respect you a lot but it is not in my capacity nor in my tolerance to take lies and especially  after telling one lie and repeats it then I will not see his father’s face again.

Out of this fear of ruining the relations I tell you this now, I am not going to call him up.

But if I call him then make him understand that I have already spoken and ignored him but for God’s sake for the second time, he should not conceal anything from me.

I have never asked you about your bank balance? What your spending is? What your investment is. Because I have nothing to do with it.

I will never ask such questions which if you don’t tell you will be guilty because these are your home affairs and I’m also not foolish that ill ask for such information.

I only phone you for such information which has my interest.

Dawood:  In that information if you have told me something wrong then under that I cannot ignore. 

When during a fight I publically own you, that there should be nothing against Yasir, as Yasir is our man.

I was told by Farhan in front of Hajir Majeed that you have over supported Yasir.

I told him that there’s a reason for that, as with his father I have such long years of relationship.

There are so many things of mine in the name of his father and I trust him so much that I have not even taken a letter written from him. There’s nothing in writing from him.

This is why in downtown, he asked me to get something in writing, Iqbal  himself told Irfan, how can I ask anything in writing from Bhai when I have 1000 crores worth of things of brothers. And he has not taken even a letter from me.

Yasir: That’s correct.

Dawood: This is the only things that your father told Farhan.


Yasir: Yes.

Dawood: Now you understand that how much trust I have. If there would have been someone else I would have never requested for the information.


Yasir: Yes.

Dawood: I would not have asked for information so lovingly. I know how to take out information and that is the only way I extract information.

But for you I have regards, consideration, and think of you as a child.

I have told this to you before. That I think of you like a child, I don’t need to repeat that whenever you have needed me.

Dawood: You may remember, when you were abducted by him from the car I rung Iqbal Bhai immediately and told him don’t worry, I’ll sort it out.

Yasir: Yes.

Dawood: Do u remember or not?

Yasir: Of course, how can I forget that?

Dawood: So listen son, if a person is more than your simple well-wisher, rather is your strength through God.

Do u understand?

Yasir: Yes.

Dawood: And the person who always owns you. Even if I didn’t have any interest in your work, I protected you.


Yasir: Yes.

Dawood: You are the son of my friend.

Yasir: That’s correct.

Dawood: This is my work, if it would have been your work then I would have done the same thing as I would do for myself.

And would have done the same thing I do for myself or can do for myself. 

Yasir: Yes, I know this as well.

Dawood: So son this is not a simple mistake.

Firstly, you did not give me the information secondly if you would have told me… I’m asking for 25 million please send.  

Dawood: I’m the guarantor. If there was profit you should have asked why Bhai will say no to such a good thing.

If 50% has already been sold to Muffat Bhai, then why didn’t you think why Bhai is enquiring about this?

Till then you hadn’t sold any material. There was no such talk at all.

Yasir: Yes, that day in the hotel while talking about this.

Dawood: Son let me complete what I want to say first.

It is this…that day when I called you up and I asked you that 50% that material of my company has been sold 100%, you said it has been sold.

Then I asked whether Arbi’s material was being sold? You said no.

And at that time if you didn’t know and really Arbi’s material was not in your hand.

Then I’m enquiring from you, which was really Arbi’s material, I’m quoting his name if it was his material being sold.  You said it was not.

I had not called you up to get that information rather I called you to confirm the information I had already received.

But wanted confirmation from you and instead of giving me that information you misguided me!

You misguided me because I trusted you.  And I trusted you when you said you didn’t know.

But I didn’t leave it because I already had the evidence.

I thought maybe you don’t know and that you tried to resolve the matter and said that the investor was a little weak and this and that.

Now the matter is that today you are trying to protect your company and took it in writing from Irfan that I do such big work that I deal without writing.

But beyond written evidence the evidence that I have it does not need writing.

Commitment is commitment. Do u understand?

We work on commitment.

After that you may falsify the writing. Many agreements have been fought in court for 10 to 20 years.  And no decision comes. In those agreements too cases are fought.

But those agreements cannot be finalized in 2 minutes. In 2 minutes only 1 case is finalized. Understand?

Yasir: Yes.

Dawood: That is where you trust someone and give them your word.

The respectable, honest man’s case does not go in court but just goes by word of mouth. Once a word is given he will settle by paying from his own pocket.


Yasir:  Yes.

Dawood: I’m not going to any court. I have a court of my own.

I’m the judge of my own case. I do no injustice to anyone or not will I allow it to happen to myself.  

Do you understand?

Yasir: Yes.

Dawood: The things I’m saying to you the same thing I told then.

As the picture emerges, tomorrow you may say brother is bringing up new things.

But these are not new things…

The case that was closed, it’s the effect from that case which is leaving stains on you.

When you were speaking to me even then I was thinking about that

And because of that I narrated the Goenka incident, I had given the example only for you.

Do u understand?

Yasir: Yes, I understood that

Dawood: You understood that right?

I have told you in plain words that the writing that you have given me and the writing you taken from me, more important than that is you listen and do exactly what I’m saying. This is more important.

Writing can be torn.


Yasir: Yes.

Writings can be torn, commitments can be broken. But even that is different.

It depends on who you’re making a commitment with.

Do you understand?

If you’re doing something against the Sharia law, then you may break it.

Yasir: Correct.

But by saying that you can break it I am not teaching you dishonesty. According to Sharia if you have promised someone that I will do a sin with you and you have made that promise then you can break this promise and it is justified.

It is justified and you can tell God that yes I promised him this but it is a sin so I cannot do it.

Is this correct or not?

Yasir: Yes this is absolutely right.

Dawood: So there are some commitments that cannot be broken.

There are some commitments that cannot be justified in the law of sharia and if you follow those commitments you will go to hell and if you break them you will go to heaven.

From God’s side the question is of it being broken. Do u understand?

There are some commitments that from God’s side it should be kept.

So there is a difference between commitments. What can be broken and what cannot be broken.

What is wrong can be broken and what is not wrong cannot be broken.

Do you understand?

Yasir: You are correct brother.

Dawood: Now tell me one thing, at night I spoke to you, you asked me an advice that Irfan Bhai has made a wrong statement. So can I claim this on Irfan?

Yasir: Yes.

Dawood: I advised you that you can do it. He did wrong to you. Why did I say this? because he lied. 

Now the same thing, the same law,… the cases that go on in court they go by reference. That person did this thing so the penalty was given to him.

On these bases a sentence is given.

Do you understand?

Yasir: Yes.

Dawood: Now you must have also understood this that on you to, the same penalty applies.

Yasir: Yes, this is understood

Dawood: This is what I’m telling you son, that for any reason a person does a mistake, and if the person can see the mistake of others, you should be able to see your own. That person conscience tells him the answer and his heart and his mind.

That I’m going to do this to someone while the same thing applies to me.

Do u understand?

Yasir: Yes.

Dawood: These are all the things I wanted to say. Do you have anything to say to me?

Yasir: No brother, what can I say. Now you guide me, I’m sitting with brother Jawed. So how do we move forward?

Dawood: Move forward this way: if the material is being sold fully then sell the majeek material. And if not, then separate our 25%.

We will not allow our material to be sold in this condition.

Do you understand?

The companies that have signed on the agreement will bear the losses. They should bear the losses, in which you are also part of.

Do you understand?

No losses should come on me, because you are a part of that company. And you are also part of the company that will bear the losses.

Yasir: Yes brother.

I also wanted to tell you that the front buildings of phase 1, are not with pen they are with IG.

Dawood: Why are they not with pen? Last night you told me that you got the agreement. That 100% the agreement was ours.

Yasir: Leave the 8 buildings brother.

Dawood: No you didn’t tell me this yesterday.

Now you’re telling me it’s with IG when yesterday you said we have taken the right from IG 100%.

Yasir: Well I had told brother Jawed. So maybe…

Dawood: No the agreement you had yesterday, is it written the buildings are not there?

Yasir: Yes it is written in the agreement that leaving the 8 buildings of phase 1 the exclusivity agreement (is ours) I’ve shown to brother Javed.

Dawood: Now give it to jawed, turn on the speaker.

Jawed: The speaker was on throughout.

Let me tell you this so you can understand the formula.

The first 8 buildings IG has kept with himself from which 5 have been taken on conditional cheques. So we don’t have to give the buildings to anyone. There will be no loss of profit.

Dawood: So first choose 5 good buildings from the 8 and take it first.

Jawed: Yes that’s what I’m saying.

Dawood: Whatever money can be made, you make from the 5 buildings.

Jawed: That’s exactly what we’ve decided.

I said we will take from the front 8 buildings. They said take it. No one has any obligation with them.

Then from the 14 buildings we’ll take our 25% and leave the 75%. 

The rest whatever they are doing, selling, keeping, making their cash flow,  We will take on our own ratio and give back the rest.

Dawood: Good.

Dawood: Now listen, Yasir needs to now give some advice on what we should do next… And if Yasir accepts everything then, I swear by God, it should be because of nothing else but the relations I share with his father.

I will not even mention the 25% but there needs to be honesty. Tell him he needs to give the advice honestly about how my interest gets solved and what I should do.

Tell him to do it as if he was doing for himself. 

If he gets the choice to pick up something, what would he pick up?

Jawed: That is exactly what I’ve told Yasir, that on your personal capacity what can be done that should be done. We don’t want to be with pen anymore.

So he says that the strategy should be to do it together. Now I’ll take some advice on how we’ll go further. 

Yasir are you listening? If you will pick up material what material will you pick up?

Imagine if you pick the 25% so what next? How do you market it?

Jawed: First we’ll take the material and then what ever we can use.

Yasir take material from the first eight buildings and then from two and three.

Jawed: Exactly. This is very clear. First we’ll take the material then calculate the ratio in and give back some and take whatever we need to make a villa.

Jawed: Now how do we market it?

Dawood: What?

Jawed: No I’m asking Yasir that what do we do?

Yasir: The things we had made, we had done so after market research. Irfan was also shaken after, because he had hoped for 800, which was not possible in reality. The area is big, balcony and lounge.

Jawed: So you weren’t going close to discovery nor were you close to international ones.

Yasir: In the same strategy will go forward.

Jawed: Now with the same strategy we move forward, forget the rest. Leave pen as well. The linkage we have should be directly with the owner.

Yasir: With exclusivity?

Jawed: Yes exclusivity will remain with the 5 buildings right? Linkage already has exclusivity. If linkage takes it it’s not like it’ll be given to someone else.

Yasir: The way hard work was put in the same way hard work will be put in.

And in that sell linkage directly and see that maximum benefits.

Yasir: We’ll open retail.

Jawed: Yes open retail or

Yasir: We’ll speak to the bank.

Jawed: After opening retail it’ll be good riddance and then whatever linkage wants to take for his working, his cost and the rest of the money put it their way.

Unknown: Okay, as you say we’ll do. In my belief sir, the best is to identify the material.

Dawood: Listen, the second step we’ll decide later. First identify the material and take sight of the material.

And after sighting the material look at the instilment. It has to be with us forever. So see it.

Do u understand?

Jawed: If we want to keep it forever then let’s look at the installment and if we want to sell it then lets sell it with linkage, retail it, or wholesale it.

Dawood: Who is the linkage?

Jawed: Linkage is Yasir. Himself. There’s no tension in this.

Dawood: Okay then.

Jawed: That’s what I was talking about earlier.  So our linkage already has the full exclusivity, no question about that now.

But the thing is that linkage will take the cost and sell our material. Let’s make the strategy of how much in wholesale, how much in retail, and our…

Dawood: This will come later. I will give advice on how to go about it, and I’ll give it in such a way that I’ll call Yasir and the three of us will sit and I’ll let him know what needs to be done.

Do u understand?

Jawed: Sir, before that there’s one thing if you send the father and son, then you should send the father and son, our interest should remain intact, 25% should remain…

After that whatever remains everything should be finished, after finishing it, whatever IG and people need to be penalized, penalize them and then the rest should be given to them.

Dawood: Correct. That is if they agree.

Jawed: He agrees completely, the others agree completely. What we are doing is we are standing on 675 and they are giving 650. For Rupees 25 we are complicating things and we know that is not worth it.

Dawood: Jawed, they are standing on 675 not me.

Jawed: No no no, I’m talking about them.

Dawood: You don’t worry that they’re standing on 675.  We aren’t the ones standing on 675.

Jawed: No no no…,We have the material I’m talking about their decision. We are ready to sell it for 650. Why would they not be ready to sell it when their material is being sold for 680? Their material, not ours! 

If there material is sold for 650 in cash why wouldn’t they agree? What I’m trying to say is they totally ready to sell their material.

Dawood: I’ll tell you why not.  Their material of 675 is already worth 705 so they are incurring a loss of Rupees 20.  

Yasir: (I’ll try and convince pen)

Yasir: Yasir we’ll take pen off-board. Pen will have to be convinced.

Dawood: Yes then convince them. It shouldn’t happen that while convincing them the deal is lost, if it’s 100% sure then make the deal and then do the convincing.

If we convince pen first and they become prideful and then we give them a word we wouldn’t be able to withdraw.

Do you understand?

Jawed: But even they need to bring to that stage. First they give a word for 650 then pen can be convinced.

Dawood: I told Yasir that if he insists then I’ll have to give an option of 10 Rupees. I’ve already told him this.

Now he has come with a difference of three Rupees on which he had made the mine. Now he has come on 37.., how much has he come on?

Jawed: 37.5

Dawood: 37.5, There’s a difference of 2.5. Did you not understand?

Dawood: We will be leaving a difference of 10 rupees. We’ll tell him that first we’ll try to leave out the five rupees of difference and give it on 45. I’m just saying.

That we will give, but at least we need to believe that they will be giving it to us. If we commit then it’ll be very insulting, I cannot be like them.

I have encouraged him and I’ve kept him hanging for so long… Did you understand?

Jawed: So, sir it’s not like they’ll get together, they and IG.

(One minute, what are you trying to say?)

Yasir: Brother will decide what price to go by whatever it is but it should not be embarrassing.  The situation is critical but we cannot panic.

Jawed: That’s what I’m saying.

Yasir: It’ll be profitable for both and a loss for both. We’ll tell the buyer we agree to your bid except you need to deposit some money.

Jawed: I’ve already said this about the conditional money.

Dawood: No Yasir, We’ll have it.




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