News Mobile Entertainment Bureau | Wednesday March 22, 2017

The Spine-Chilling 9th Episode of Game Of Thrones

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Finally! The much awaited Episode 9 of Game of Thrones was out on Sunday and it was totally epic, typical Game of thrones style.


The episode which premiered on Father’s’ Day, was ironically called “The Battle of the Bastards”, and featured the long awaited fight between GOT’s most beloved bastard, Jon Snow’s forces against the much despised bastard, Ramsay Snow’s army.New Comic Book


The battle was chilling and thrilling along with many puzzling moments. There was much to fight for what remains of House Stark, to bring back to safety the youngest Stark brother, Rickon and to take back Winterfell from the hands of traitors (the Boltons).

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Perhaps one of the most important and brilliantly made episodes of the series yet the fight, apart from the obvious violence and subsequent losses, had many sentiments mounted upon it. No compromise has been made by the makers of the show, on the quality of the episode and the fight scene and the CGI is used so effectively that it merges almost undetectably with the rest of the scenes.


The episode also takes us to Mereen, showing us how the masters whose imprudence to even think of seizing the dragon queen’s castle will be answered ferociously and swiftly by Dany and her not-so-babies. Also, her meeting with the Iron Islands’ Theon and Yara Greyjoy is a new and exciting plot shift, which fans will most definitely dig.


Though, the CGI for the Mereen shots is nothing as compared to those of the Battle of the Bastards, with unimpressive fireballs flying around in the sky, and Deanery’s’ awkward dragon flights.


The episode may have many “as-predicted” outcomes, but yet GOT fans can expect to enjoy a visually and emotionally satisfying watch. Also, this episode is the turning point for what has been going on in the show for long.


This episode again highlights the growing “Girl-power” theme going on all along the season. Women are now leading with the power, and men are acting as the assisting sidekicks. Whether it is Danny with her council and the Dothraki men behind, Yara leading her sea troops and younger brother Theon into new allegiances, Sansa finally learning to use what she has learned and gained from her past traumas, Cersie plotting and battling to recollect her authority, or even Arya, out alone in the world, finding her destiny. Women are now becoming the fore-runners of the fantasy world.