News Mobile Political Bureau | Thursday December 29, 2016

Twist to Jayalalithaa’s death

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Chennai: The Madras High Court on Thursday raised doubt over AIADMK Supremo Jayalalithaa’s death, giving it a ‘mysterious twist‘ and asked why her body can’t be exhumed?

The Judge expressed ‘personal’ opinion and handed over the case to the regular bench.

According to the report, replying to the PIL, Justice Vaidyalingam was quoted saying that;


“Media has raised a lot of doubts, personally, I also have doubts in Jayalalithaa’s death.”

“When she was admitted in hospital, it was said that she was on proper diet. At least after her death now, the truth should be revealed,” the judge said.

The court has asked for the complete health report of Jayalalithaa.

Earlier, a PIL had been filed in the Madras High Court to form a committee directed by a former judge of the Supreme Court to probe the conditions that led to the “mysterious death” of AIADMK Supremo J Jayalalithaa.

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The PIL was filed by a member of the AIADMK, PA Joseph of Arumbakkam in Chennai, and it lists the series of events since Jayalalithaa’s hospitalisation on September 22 and states the mystery preceding her death gave rise to grave suspicions in people’s mind.

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