Winter Hues To Spice Up Your Home

Rugs, Colours, Influence, Textured accents,
Rugs, Colours, Influence, Textured accents,
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The spirit of design has a presence wherever it moves from interiors to the creative world of artwork.

Seasons are like the many splendoured creations of nature and this a new season gives us the opportunity to spruce up our home with Colours, Patterns, Textures, Artworks, Accessories, Rugs and Flowers etc.



Hottest winter hues this season are sure to warm you up with colours like Aqua Green, Mustard Yellow, Gold, Celadon, Deep Blue, Shell Pink Camel, Champagne Pink. These colours will make your interior cosy with a friendly comfort.



The Mediterranean influence in your home during winter brings in a breeze of sea to your space. Colours like aqua or celadon fabrics combined with complimentary coloured cushions e.g. mustard or gold accentuated with glitzy accessories will create – a soothing colour scheme all over.

Warm and bold patterns


Use of brighter shades and bolder patterns bring cheerful life indoors. Use of geometric patterns, inspired by exotic African safari tones for an ethnic look that ties together different shapes of colours and intricate pattern seamlessly.

Textured accents


Soft accessories with extra comfort like cashmere or wool throws and cotton quilts are the winter interior design trend that warms all over. Knitted accessories are taking the spotlight this winter with knitted poufs. Faux fur stools are great for added seating while sheepskin rugs offer a warm underfoot on wintry days.



Geometric designs in vibrant colours look great in abstract wall art. Allow your mind to travel to far away places and you may want to use some posters in warm coloured hues to your home this winter.



Glitzy accessories and candles are also a favourite due to their calming glow. Stylish candle holders add a glimmer to an interior.



Bold patterned rugs and even striped rugs add warmth and style to that winter look. Elegant juxtaposition of patterns with on-trend hues in adult rooms and something more playful and bold in your kids room is energising.

Wooden elements


Wood has a warming effect and thus a wooden flooring makes quite an impact in a room. A simple basket with cut fire logs also gives the feeling of being in a rustic cottage organic and lovely.

Nature’s beauty – Flowers


Nature gives that amazing touch to an interior. Fresh or dried floral arrangement in clear glass, ceramic or terracotta vases brings flamboyancy to your home and add colour to make it cheerful. They are like embellishments to cheer up a home.

Winter Glitter


Winter being a season of glitter and festivities connects people with warmth and splendour as we spend more time indoors. Opportunity is given to brighten up our home for that special cosy and intimate look.




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