Ford Mustang to go Hybrid by 2020

power, hybrid, Ford, Mustang, 2020
power, hybrid, Ford, Mustang, 2020
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How will you define the combination of power and hybrid? Well, this combination will soon gonna be  reality with the hybrid version of Ford Mustang in few years.

Ford has officially confirmed that they have planned 13 global electrified (not ‘electric’) models scheduled for launch in the next five years, and the Mustang is one of them.

 Ford Mustang to go Hybrid by 2020

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But for the performance lover, there’s nothing to get sad about because Ford says that the Mustang Hybrid will deliver “V8 power and even more low-end torque”. Low end torque means more fun in the burnouts and that’s exactly the enthusiasts would ask for. With global debut in 2020, the Mustang Hybrid will initially be available only in North America.

 Ford Mustang to go Hybrid by 2020

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Other lined up electrified models are the F-150 hybrid and the Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid. Also Ford will launch a fully electric SUV with a range of about 500 km for the customers globally. Mark Fields, Ford president and CEO says “As more and more consumers around the world become interested in electrified vehicles, Ford is committed to being a leader in providing consumers with a broad range of electrified vehicles, services and solutions that make people’s lives better.”




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