This device gives real time analysis on driving behavior of your car

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With the advent of technology in today’s day and age, every sector has seen it’s pinnacle. One of the booming sectors are passenger cars and smart phones which have been making rapid progress. Mecarnic– a startup in Delhi, has done a mesmerising job by combining these two technologies without giving much of a pocket pinch.

Mecarnic is a connected car solution that makes your car into a smart car by connecting your car to your smart phone. The Mecarnic Android App communicates with Smart Phones and Tablets to display vital data of your car’s engine health accessed, via a Bluetooth device plugged into the car’s OBD connector.

The app turns your Phone into a powerful car engine scan tool and Vehicle Condition Reporting System. This Plug And Play  application device  aims to solve your breakdown problems when finding a reliable car service garage can be a problem with innovations in mobile technology.

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A new class of devices called OBD are being developed that capture a cars computer sensor data using the vehicles on-board diagnostic port in all passenger cars. These OBD devices transform this engine information into a resource to easily understand check-engine light, improve your driving behaviour and create added safety features through tracking and emergency response services. The data provided by OBD device can pinpoint the specific component that has malfunctioned, saving substantial time and cost compared to guess and replace repairs. Overall giving you a solution to all your vehicle issues faced on regular basis.
The application features:
  • Car Maintenance and Service
  • Car User Safety (Tracking)
  • Road Side Assistance
  • Expert Chat
How it works:

You can get Mecarnic app from the Google Playstore


You can plug your mecarnic OBD device into your cars OBD port. An OBD Port can be found just below the right corner of the dashboard or below the steering wheel.


Connect your Mecarnic Device with your phone via Bluetooth and go for a smart drive.

This innovative application device is a handy way to avoid any sudden glitch in your car and is available for just Rs. 1500 which certainly can be afforded if you love your car.


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