News Mobile State Bureau | Friday May 19, 2017

BJP to deploy full time workers to gain power in Telangana

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BJP’s plan to achieve success at the Telangana assembly polls in 2019 will see the party utilize full time party workers in the state. The party will employ a similar tactic to the one used in Assam and Uttar Pradesh.

Telangana BJP unit spokesperson Krishna Saagar Rao stated that the party is likely to have around 250 full-timer workers in the state who will work for BJP’s success in the 2019 Assembly and Lok Sabha elections. The party workers would work in the 119 Assembly segments of the state with the party providing accommodation and and transport facilities.


Telangana is one of the states identified by BJP for gaining power after its successful campaigns in Assam and Haryana, which are not its traditional strongholds.

“With BJP national president Amit Shah focusing on this state and the people of Telangana willing to give the party a chance to fulfill their aspirations, BJP’s rise to power to cater to the dire needs of the people of Telangana is a certainty,” Rao said.