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It’s a crowded world today. There is immense pressure on each individual to do something outstanding to stand-out in the crowd. What was called the rat-race earlier is today an even more focused game where you only get a really slim chance to excel over the rest.

In this scenario, people would heavily rely on outsourcing of knowledge through training to break their weak spot. Numerous training programs have been initiated in this new era to help people shine among equals. Let’s take a look at some of the most bizarre ones.

Dating Training

Leo Reegan, a native of Tamil Nadu credits an online dating training program for making him feel confident when it comes to facing romantic dates. “The training has helped me understand the various aspects involved in romantic dates and how to make them work. Various blogs have also helped me a lot. They have made me confident about facing dates,” he said.

Smartphone Training for Beginners 


Smartphones have become an essential in the digital era. You would be left far behind if you are unable to grasp the technology. The handy Smartphones help you in innumerable ways. Don’t be scared if you are struggling with your phone. Just log on to, for help. They especially help the elderly to get handy with Smartphones with their step-by-step guide. They help anyone get pro with the difficult to tame androids and iOS gadgets.

Improve your Handwriting 


While handwriting may not be related to your IQ but, it does affect anyone trying to read it. People do get irritated with sloppy handwriting that looks like an army of ants let lose on paper. Children are taught with different techniques to improve their handwriting at an early age, but if you missed coaching in school, no problem, no age is old enough to learn. will help you improve your written words. They also advise you on the use of pens. Even in the digital era, you cannot rule out the use of pens.

According to Eklawya Thakur, a class 12th student, “due to my bad handwriting, I scored low in my pre-board exams. Websites like have helped me understand the technicalities involved to make my handwriting clear and legible and that helped a lot.”

Dress Sense Training


To make a lasting impression, you have to be bang on with your attire. Do you still struggle to pair up your shoes and clothes? Don’t worry, Shikhar Prajapati is there to help you to get your dressing sorted. Shikhar, a corporate trainer has helped several people gain confidence through his techniques.

Kaun Banega Crorepati classes


Now, cracking banking and IAS entrances are not enough to bag your dream. KBC’s latest edition is around the corner and it’s your opportunity to take that hot seat and win big. The KBC Season 5 winner, Anil Kumar Sinha is running coaching classes for ‘KBC Aspirants’ and will surely help you enhance your general knowledge.

According to Sinha, “I thought to build a platform for those who want to win KBC. That is why I made this institute to help others. The first round of audition of KBC is held in June and the second round in November. In between these two auditions, I am in contact with 100-150 people. After the first round, 5-6 people proceeded to the hot seat and earned good amount of money”.

Pronunciation Course


The cruel world out there leaves no stones unturned when it comes to correcting your pronunciation. Welcome to, this training website could save you from a great sense of embarrassment and uplift your self-respect in no time. So, what are you waiting for?





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