US to list China amongst worst human trafficking offenders

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The United States is expected to declare China among the world’s worst human trafficking offenders on Tuesday as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is expected to unveil the annual Trafficking in Persons Report to Congress.

The Trump administration will downgrade China to Tier 3, the lowest category in the ranking, for failing to meet the minimum standards to prevent human trafficking or making significant effort to improve. China will join North Korea, Syria, and Iran among others in the list of worst human trafficking offenders.

China has been identified as a “source, destination, and transit country” for forced labour and sex trafficking, according to 2016’s Trafficking in Persons Report. The report cited internal migrants and girls and women from rural areas being particularly vulnerable to be trafficked.

According to norms, countries placed in Tier 3 are usually penalized with sanctions, including withholding aid and assistance as well as officials from the country being barred from participating in educational and cultural exchange programs hosted by the US government.




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