Teachers to leave their phones alone in Bangalore schools

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Now no more fooling around for teachers in Bangalore schools. Teachers in government schools and public schools are no longer officially allowed to use smartphones in Bangalore, according to the new rules of the education department.

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The teachers are now banned from using phones and especially smartphones during school hours according to the new rule. The decision was taken by the department after several complaints were made by the parents about teachers using their smartphones during classes. The notice has been issued by  Vishweshwara Hegde Kageri was primary and secondary education minister. However, the steps taken by the authorities are not implemented seriously along the state.

Bengaluru South DDPI BH Ashwatha Narayana Gowda said ” the department has taken steps to ensure that teachers do not use their mobile phones during school hours. “A few teachers use them in secret. Such incidents do not come to our notice. Teachers in the city are aware of the order and will follow it,” to a local daily.

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The fraternity of the school will be held responsible for breaking this rule, according to the new order.






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