Simple conversation, lots of attention guarantee a second date

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Everybody is obviously excited on their first date, be it a Tinder or a blind date or dating someone you already know. Everyone has almost a similar set of questions to ask someone they have never dated before. Everyone wants to get to know the person a little more. While some of these questions are valid yet, some of them are a total no-no. Add to this the fear of speaking too much or inappropriately to keep the conversation going and you have a recipe for disaster if you don’t take care. Here are some of the things you should avoid saying in front of the guy or the girl, you are meeting the first time on a formal date:

1. Cracking stupid and unnecessary jokes to fill-in the silence
Don’t ever try cracking stupid jokes just to fill the silence because it just seems like you are panicking to push the conversation forward. Just simply keep it to, ‘I would like to know more about you’ or ‘tell me something more about yourself.’ Play safe.
2.  Don’t flaunt 
Don’t show off in front of a first date. Don’t act like a macho Romeo. She doesn’t want to know about your hot escapades or what your friends think about you. It’s a total turn-off.
3. Never talk about your ex or your secret crush 
It’s your first date! Stop blabbering about your past because you are here for a new beginning. Forget all the past experiences and don’t talk about your crush. Never ever list your crushes to him/her. It’s as good as saying, I’m not interested in you.
4. Don’t praise his/her friends
Just don’t say that your friends are hot and can you have their number! Because they’ll of course say ‘yes’ but, that will be the last time you get to date them for sure. Because they will never contact you ever again.
5. Don’t try being someone you are not
You can’t be more irritating if you just show off or say things which on everyday life you don’t do or don’t say, just don’t try to be somebody you are not in front of your friends and family. Be yourself. Be relaxed.
6. Don’t be a chauvinist
This is the most irritating question a guy can ask a girl or vice-versa. It annoys people to the core when somebody asks you if you go out at night, party at nightclubs or if you drink alcohol, because it’s not a crime! It’s just a normal thing to do for an adult. A huge NO to this question on your first date!




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