Lavish meal in Israel: Mouth watering feast on the dinner menu for PM Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s historic Israel visit is being seen as a big game changer in World politics. Israelis are leaving no stone unturned in welcoming PM Modi. The food that will be served to PM Modi has to be perfect in every sense and an Indian origin Chef Reena Pushkarna is responsible for achieving that perfection.

Chef Reena Pushkarna, also known as the Curry Queen of Israel revealed, in an exclusive interview with Republic TV, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dinner menu during his three-day trip to the country.

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To all those who want to know what Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be eating tonight, here’s a glimpse of the dinner with Israel’s Prime Minister:

1. Pure vegetarian food

Representative Image

2. It will be a mix of Gujarati, South Indian and Punjabi food

3. The menu will be prepared in a separate Kitchen

4. Reena specified that they will be using “all fresh ingredients for the great man” and that the dinner will be prepared under the traditional Kashrut set of laws

5. An Indian Singer will also be singing at the dinner in honour of PM Modi

6. It will begin with idli, gol gappa/pani puri/puchka and other small bites

7. Sabzi Kurma along with Kashmiri Chawal and Dal will be served




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