Girl shares her horrific experience with Uber on Twitter

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Uber to sell Southeast Asian business to Singapore-based rival
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National capital’s reputation has always been in shackles when people talk about the status of women security in the city. The misery for the women still remains with cases being reported every day about harassment and violence against women. With gaining popularity of app-based cabs, the incident described by a girl about her trip in Uber cab on the Noida-Greater Noida expressway looks intense and threatening and once again questions the security of Uber cabs.

Here is how the girl, who works as a journalist in India Today described her horrific experience on Twitter

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The incident was a nightmare for a girl which could haunt her for many days. This also raises question against vigilance of the police in Noida where thousands of women go daily to earn their daily bread.

With such incidents, the app based cabs have to be strict regarding the appointment of the drivers and not to jeopardise the security measure.




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