Mankind up with a point as security robot drowned itself

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Washington: The July 17 actions of a Knightscope security robot at the Washington Harbour shopping mall are simply mysterious in nature. Apparently fed up with the monotonous nature of his assigned tasks of being a mall-cop, likely wondering what’s the point of it all, the bot appears to have decided enough was enough before driving itself into an outdoor water feature.

Knightscope, a California-based robotics company that manufactured the wretched sentinel, also produces what it calls “autonomous robots that provide a commanding but friendly physical security presence.” The robots are designed to supplement the efforts of human security guards and can also record and live stream video.


Knightscope has been in the news earlier as well, most notably in the summer of 2016 when a 300-pound Knightscope K5 allegedly knocked a toddler to the ground before running him over in a California shopping mall.

So what drowned the Washington Harbour robo-narc?


We reached out the Washington Harbour, and individuals tweeting out pictures from the scene, but as of yet have not received any explanation from the concerned authorities. Knightscope, for its part, was quick to minimise the incident without going into much detail.

“This is an isolated event,” explained Stacy Dean Stephens, VP President of Marketing and Sales, via email. “The incident is under investigation. No people were harmed or involved in any way. A new robot will be delivered this week at no cost to the Harbour per our service agreement.”




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