HyperLoop to redefine the future of travel?

    With newer and newer technologies coming to the rescue  for pervasive problems, Elon Musk has taken it upon himself to solve the problems of the world and reshape not products, but industries.

    The first of his steps to redefine the industry was the automobile industry, where the Tesla became the dominant electric car in the world, and is soon to launch in India as well. Then came SpaceX that allowed the phrase low cost travel to be associated with space, and now there is Hyperloop, that is not only going to revolutionise the railway industry, but also the world.

    HyperLoop has announced that it begins to launch in India in the coming years, and it will connect some of the major cities and economic hubs of the country. With a speed that is a whopping 1100 km per hour, the distance between Delhi and Mumbai could soon be covered within a few hours.

    The start of this project in India will not only boom the economic investment in the country, but will also make travel much less of a hassle.