ICJ verdict exposes Pakistan

    The verdict of ICJ has totally exposed Pakistan in respect of Jadhav’s hanging order. This judgement clearly shows that how Pakistan is avoiding international laws to punish Indian national-Jadhav in the name of spying.

    ICJ has not only stayed the execution but also mentioned that how the rights of any individual have been suppressed.

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    Pakistan has openly violated human rights and the law of jurisprudence which provides an opportunity to every individual to defend through all legal means available to prove his innocence.

    In this case, nothing has been done, even Indian mission in Pak was not provided with any access despite repeated request by the mission, Govt of India and his parents. It was clearly a deliberate design to hang the Indian national.

    This act shows how Pakistan is clearly bent upon its pre-meditated sinister design to murder Kulbhushan Jadhav-the Indian national with the pretext of spying. The ICJ has considered all these aspects including its jurisdiction under article 36 and finally ordered Pakistan not to execute Jadhav till the final decision is made, which is scheduled for the end of August 2017.

    This judgement a clear-cut indication that how Pakistan government and its military is behaving with foreign nationals especially in the context of India.