India must send a strong message to deter attacks on soft targets

    The Amarnath attack targeting civilians has been globally condemned by people and governments. The attack has also showed that terrorists will indiscriminately target civilians to take advantage of their vulnerability and kill as many innocent people as possible. However, the bravery of the bus driver prevented significant loss of life, saving the lives of people by driving out of danger while under fire.

    The attacks have shown that the Indian government needs to strengthen the security arrangements for soft targets such as Amarnath pilgrims, in order to remain prepared to counter any insurgent efforts to harm civilians. The government had made more than adequate security arrangements for the Amarnath pilgrimage but the terrorists still managed to slip through the cracks. This is where the state police should be further empowered to support the government’s security efforts. Additionally, all security forces should be empowered to sufficiently act on intelligence supplied by India’s intelligence agencies.

    The Indian government should also further toughen its stance against Pakistan and should demand sanctions against Pakistan until they show a strong commitment to eradicate terrorism from its lands. India should not shy away from carrying out military action against Pakistan to punish their continued support of terrorism. The people of India are united in the fight against terrorism and will support the government’s strong action. The government must not be complacent at this time and must deliver justice to the victims of the Amarnath attack victims.