Thursday January 05, 2017

We won’t tolerate anymore

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They tell me that Not All Men are Rapists, and I know that. But Yes All women face the fears of harassment on the basis of gender. It was a trending hashtag, in response to reports of a “mass molestation” of women in Bengaluru.

But then the truth of the matter remains, men can’t get away with the responsibility, by saying that “Not All Men“, when 50 % of the population(female) of our country lives in such fear.

Rather than revolving the conversation about men, the solution should work on the epidemic level of violence against women.

The light is not only on Bengaluru, anymore, Mumbai, Delhi and other metros have displayed such intolerance against women. Wondering since the most modern cities face such trauma, the situation of the women in the interior parts of the country would be even scarier.

Rather than running away, we must move on from AllMen and AllWomen to WeWontTolerateIt Anymore.

Because, YesAllWomen have been molested or assaulted or groped at least once, but NotAllMen.