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Dummy catch to Fielding match India does it all


Perth: Innovation is the name of the game if one wants to beat drudgery of mundane training sessions as Team India showed on Wednesday.

The Men in Blue were seen down but not out. The 75-minute fielding session with drills made the cricketers get into the game and enjoy every bit of it.

There weren’t any ground breaking new methods deployed at the session but a bit of tweak here and there brought out the competitive spirit in them on a day when there weren’t any net sessions held.

There were two methods during fielding that really caught the attention. One was the ‘dummy catch’ session which aims at improving the reflex action of the players when it comes to sharp chances, while the second one was a ‘fielding match’ involving two groups where the winners were adjudged on the basis of successful direct hits at the two plastic stumps that were kept for the aim.

It’s not new for teams to use tennis racquets and balls to improve the reflex while latching onto powerful catches from close range. However assistant coach Sanjay Bangar’s session with groups of four was slightly different from the normal tennis ball catching session.

Here, a group of four fielders stood in a queue with Bangar some 10 metres adrift. The moment Bangar would hit a ball with his racquet, the first fielder in queue would sell a ‘dummy’ and the next in line will need to catch the ball. It can come at any height at a good force considering tennis balls being used.

The one who catches the ball gets less than a second’s time to react as the man in-front ducks at the last moment.

The utility of this training is that when you get those sharp edges coming at the first slip of cut shots, the slip fielders are alert and ready. Normally, it comes at great speed with a split-second reaction time. Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja and Virat Kohli were the best performers during the ‘dummy catch’ session.

(With inputs from PTI)


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