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Restaurant Review Kung Fu Kitchen


Hyderabad: Come weekends and the food fetish in us (my husband and I) begins to whisk us off to new places, to try new dishes and make our palettes jump for joy. Last weekend, we went to a small joint called Kung Fu Kitchen, something that promised to dish out the choicest of Chinese fare.

Now, the one thing that makes it inconvenient about this place is its location. We had to go around quite a bit looking for this one, so, if you decide to venture to this place, the best way to get there would be to take the right just before Radisson Blu and just about 100 feet from there, nestled in a small building is Kung Fu Kitchen.


The Spread

Starters and Soup

We were served Veg Manchow soup, which I didn’t quite like because of the the corn starchy taste that lingered on the taste buds even after the soup was long gone into the food pipe. Also, it wasn’t exactly piping hot, which meant thanks to the air conditioning, it became lukewarm very soon.

For starters, there was a honey chilli potato variant and crispy chili vegetables, both of which were fresh and crispy. The pick of the day was their veg momos, which tasted great even without the sauce they served. If I could point out just one flaw, it could have been sealed better, as the filling kept bursting out.


Main Course

The main course wasn’t out of the box by any measure, the regular noodles, fried rice, corn manchuria and vegetables in soy sauce. They tasted good, and the balance of flavours made it evident that the chef was in absolute control of his cooking prowess. Nothing extraordinary, but simple dishes made well.



The desserts were an absolute letdown. There were crispy fried ribbons, which should have been served with the ice cream, but then neither were the crispy, nor did they taste good. I could smell the oil, which was the most disappointing part of it. There was some vanilla ice cream and some kheer, which wasn’t up to the mark.


The Ambience

The ambience was pretty good, with not too much noise around. So, if you’re looking for a quiet and simple dinner, you could head out to Kung Fu Kitchen.


The service

Courteous and decent, but could be better.


NewsMobile Verdict

Priced at Rs 434, this isn’t what one could term as value for money. The buffet wasn’t refilled quickly enough, making us wonder whether they’d run out of certain dishes. I give it a 2.5/5.


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