Government Of India Invites Tesla To Make In India


There is some good news for those who admire Elon Musk and his n-number of ventures in multiple industries. The current Modi Government has just invited Tesla Motors to make India its manufacturing hub for Asian markets. Tesla, which is best known for making electric cars, has always had its eye on entering Indian markets, however, the electric car segment in India is not as huge as one would like it to be. The FAME initiative launched by the government has significantly reduced the price of Hybrid and Electric cars, however infrastructure remains to be a key problem.

Tesla Motors has already made a statement that the next generation of low-cost sustainable electric cars – the Model-3 will come to India, but when it’s meant to happen is still in question. But since Narendra Modi and transport Minister Nitin Gadkari visited the plant, there seems to be an added silver lining. In fact, Gadkari has even made outlines to allow the entry of the new car into Indian markets.

Gadkari offered to promote joint ventures between the global leaders in electric car manufacturing and the Indian automobile companies with a view to introducing pollution-free road transport in India, especially commercial and public motor vehicles. Currently on a week-long US visit, Gadkari apprised Tesla executive of the progress Indian automobile manufacturers have made in the field of electric vehicles and exuded confidence that very soon Indian market will become very competitive in this sector. He also enquired about the battery packs that can store energy from the power grid and from solar panels.


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