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Response against communalism below par: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind


New Delhi, Aug 19 (PTI) An Islamic forum today expressedgrave concern over the "rise" of communal and fascist forcesin India and attempts by "opportunist elements" to rupture thesocial fabric of the country. Jamaat-e-Islami Hind termed the voices of condemnationagainst these forces and "rising communalism" as "below par",which it said was dangerous for the country’s development andprosperity. The organisation today announced a nationwide campaign,commencing on August 21, to convey the message of peace andhumanity. "It is a matter of grave concern that some extremistideologies propounded by communal and fascist forces arequickly gaining ground in society. Some opportunist elementsare trying hard to disrupt our age old social fabric for theirown petty political, financial and cultural gains. "Several low volume, high intensity incidents of communalviolence have been planned and triggered in the recent months.The level of opposition and condemnation expected against thisrising communalism was sadly below par which only emboldenedthe hatemongers," Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umri, President ofthe organisation, told reporters. The campaign is aimed at narrowing the widening socialrift and to create an environment of mutual trust andcooperation, he said. "Communal polarisation is very dangerous for a countrylike India and is a serious impediment in the path todevelopment and prosperity, besides drawing internationalrebuke and a serious dent to the image of a developed anddemocratic India", he stated. "Irrespective of political or ideological inclination, weneed to unite together to work against communalism on a broadsocial level. "This campaign emphasis on people to people contact thatwould open the channels of inter-community communication, pavethe way for removing of misconceptions and misunderstandingabout each other and bring them on a common platform," Maulanasaid. The 15-day campaign will felicitate those who havecontributed towards communal harmony in India. Public speechesand rallies would be organised in all major cities and towns,he added. PTI HKP SBR AAR ZMNAAR


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