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Jump Red Light and get an instant Challan in Chandigarh


Chandigarh Traffic Police is considered as one of the best and the most effective police departments in India. Some media reports suggest that Chandigarh administration is now planning to bring a technology that will send you a challan on your mobile phone the moment you jump a red light in Chandigarh. It might seem too technical to some people, but it is true and will be implemented soon.

Don’t think of jumping the traffic lights even if you don’t find a traffic cop, as is the general practice in India. The moment you jump the traffic lights, you will receive a challan on your mobile phone. You will be notified about the offense and the penalty you need to pay for the offense. Read on!


Under this project, the Chandigarh Administration will install special cameras at all the intersections in order to avoid the violation of traffic rules. You also might be aware of High-Security Registration Number Plates (HSRP). These special cameras are capable of reading the HSRP number plates and processing the information to find the car owner details.

If a vehicle fitted with an HSRP violates the traffic rules, the details of the vehicle will be automatically scanned and the owner of the vehicle will be notified immediately about the offense through a text message.

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This means that if you are driving a vehicle which is registered in someone’s else name, then the vehicle owner will be sent the challan. This is how challans happen in foreign countries.

Chandigarh’s DGP said that this project will be starting very soon as the Chandigarh Police wants to make full use of the advanced Technology in order to minimize human interaction. He further explained that RFID (The Radio Frequency Identification) which is attached with the HSRP will help the Chandigarh Police to track the defaulters.


The project is expected to start this summer.

This technology will not let anyone escape from Chandigarh Police. Moreover, there are many people who jump red light just because no cop is standing at the light points. So, now onwards, this automated system of challan will send challan to your mobile phone as soon as you violate traffic rules in Chandigarh.


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