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Telangana and Andhra fights for Bunglow in New Delhi


Telangana and Andhra Pradesh is fighting over resident commissioner’s bungalow situated at AP-Telangana Bhawan at Ashoka road, New Delhi claiming their possession of the building. After bifurcation of the two states, the blocks were divided between the two as per formal order.

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On Monday, Telangana officials filed a case against Andhra Pradesh for trespassing and breaking the lock put by Telangana. The situation looks out of hand as none of the states is backing out and fighting to occupy the building.

As per the guidelines after bifurcation, 58% of the Bhawan was to be allotted to Andhra and 42% to Telangana, but recently the circular by the ministry said 68% should be allotted to Andhra and only 32% to Telangana. This is highly unacceptable by the Telangana officials.

According to Telangana officials, on Monday morning, AP officials smashed the lock and put their own lock instead. “We video graphed the whole incident and lodged a complaint of trespass with the Tilak Marg police on Monday evening,” they said. AP officials insisted that it belongs to them.

“Anything could be sorted out through discussions.There can be no security threat to anyone inside the premises as it is safeguarded by Telangana security officials for 15 days a month and by AP security officials the other 15 days”. the official added.

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They still await the intervention of higher authorities from Vijaywada and Hyderabad to solve the issue.


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