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Do’s and Don’ts before you send your kid for a sleepover


Has your child become a teen? Are they persuading you for a sleepover? Once your child starts school, they’ll make a lot of new friends and will also learn about new concepts.  One of them is the idea of having a sleepover at their friend’s place or calling someone over. While the child will be excited about the sleepover, here is the NewsMobile guide of what parents should keep in mind while sending their kids on a sleepover and what kids should take care of when they go to their friend’s house for a night stay:


Whenever you are planning to send your kid for a sleepover, make sure that you take numbers of all the members present in the friend’s house or the caretakers who are handling your child.


Whenever you are sending your kids to their friend’s house, you have to make sure that you tell the caretakers or the parents to monitor the digital time of the kids. For example, most times after 9 PM is the slot when adult shows are featured, that may contain sex or violence.  Make sure that this is taken care of.  Choosing a DVD by kids should be a big NO NO.


Make sure you ask them what they did at the sleepover, what they talked about, what activities they did in the night. You should never ignore any weird activity by your kid after he/she returns home and even if he/she is behaving differently, talk it out with your them calmly, don’t ignore it or let it off lightly.


Never ever leave your child at any of the kid’s friend house if you don’t know the parent well. Both the parents should be present when such a plan is decided. Make sure to have enough data points about the family set up before the decision is taken. Ask the friend about how many members are there in his/her house and who will be there at the time of the sleepover.


Before sending your kids for the sleepover,  make sure that your child’s phone battery is completely charged. Feed your number in the speed-dial and make them memorise your phone number.


Instruct your child to just stay in the room where his/her friends are or the maximum house members are and never go alone to anybody’s room even if they are calling them for some work. Ensure your child that they can call you at any time if they sense a problem.

Some other important pointers to keep in mind
1) Call and check on them 2-3 times during the sleepover.
2) Decide a time for drop and pickup.

Today’s times have changed immensely. Shocking news envelopes us almost every day.
The scare of who to trust and who not to is getting larger and even more stressful. As parents, we need to vigilant, aware and friends of our children.


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