Night light affects interaction of species


The street lights and other sources of light at night affect the communities of plants and species of animals. Artificial lighting changes the way individual species react, that include bats, moths, wasps, and parasitoid wasps.

Night lights also affect the feeding patterns of different species which are called feeding links or food webs. These drastically get changed by the artificial sources of light.

A leading university in the UK conducted a research and resorted to the findings that the night-time lighting effects change subject to the brightness of light.

Parasitoid Wasps are another variety of animal species that change their behaviour in accordance with the night-time lighting. These wasps lay their eggs inside other insects and those are then eaten by their larvae.

When the lighting levels are low, such as light away from the street lights or sky-lights from a nearby area, wasps find it easy to kill twice the number of aphids while hunting.

However, when the lighting changes from dim to bright, the wasps also find it difficult to hide and hunt, and therefore, fly away. If a comparison is made on different species across the world, there would be several disparities found in the ways they react to artificial lights at night.



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