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No! PM Modi is not paying 15 lakh per month to a makeup artist


A picture of PM Modi has surfaced on the social media and the claim would have you raising your eyebrows.

The post claims that the Prime Minister has hired a makeup artist at a salary of 15 lakh per month. “15 लाख रुपये महीने की पगार पर रखी गई मेकअप आर्टिस्ट के हाथों मेकअप कराकर सजधज कर रोने को निकलते नौटंकीबाज।” the caption reads.

The post has gone viral on Facebook. To give you an idea of its popularity – a single Facebook user, Aditya Chaturvedi, got 16,764 shares.

This viral post was shared extensively in political groups. Some of these groups have more than 2 lakh members.

Fact Check

When we checked the image, we saw that the box in the lady’s hand read Madame Tussauds. On Google image reverse search, we found out that the image was of 2016.

This picture is a frame taken from the video posted by ‘ Madame Tussauds Singapore’ on YouTube. The video was posted on May 19, 2016.

The video is titled ‘ Making of Narendra Modi’s figure – Madame Tussauds Singapore’ and the description read ‘Curious to know the process of making Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s figure? Then watch this video!’.

At 0.16 sec of the video, you will the frame mentioned in the post.

This video is proof that the viral picture is not of Prime Minister Modi getting a makeover done by a makeup artist but of an artist selecting the right eye color for PM Modi’s WAX statue.

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