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Here is what you can learn about love in your 20s


Entering 20s brings along a lot of interesting turns and twists to lives. You enter your professional world with your first jobs after college and probably get to figure out what you want to do further in your life. With career step in relationships and affairs. This age teaches you a lot about love and relationships.

Here are some points to learn at this age.

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Love does not happen just once

If you have been thinking, love happens only once, you are wrong. A majority of people in their 20s go through break ups or rejections and start feeling that it is a bad idea to fall in love and that they should not go for it again. However, break ups are not the end of your love life. In fact, it could be a new beginning to another relationship.

Your gain an insight about your real needs

This is the phase when you realise and face the challenges in your relationships and get to know your real needs. Basically, you can understand yourself better and be more open to new thought and ideas. You can comprehend your needs from your relationships.

You are over your last relationship

Usually, the first break up happens in the early 20s. However, you eventually move on and forget instances and things about your ex-partner. You would realise that what you thought would be the end of the battle for you is what actually makes you stronger and more confident.

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It is important to have your own life too

Your partner could loving to any extent, but you need to realise the worth and importance of your own life. Too much dependence or clinging on to your partner could result in suffocation and possessiveness. Go out with your family and friends as they need you as much and maybe more than your partner. Get your own space and time off your partner.

Fairytale relationships are only for films and soaps

It is true that the first few months of your relationship would be the best time of your lives. Everything would look like sugar and honey. They start with surprises, saying out the three words to each other before ending every call, most romantic dates and gifts. The reality kicks in when you start facing issues and get puzzled in tackling them. This is when you realise that relationships are about adjustments, arguments, and settlements too.

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