Could benching ruin your love life?


Have you dealt with someone who you date but feel uncomfortable due to the person’s nature of staying away from a commitment? You might have had a wonderful chat over messages or phone with them, but then suddenly you find them missing for days or weeks together. Also, maybe you have made up your mind to break up with the person, but when you confess this, you receive a loving gesture from that person and get confused!

Well, in this case, you are or have been benched. Benching is basically when you are dating a person and that person suddenly disappears from your life without you even getting time to realise that it is over and the person is with some other partner.

With this new dating trend, you do not get time to sink in when you are dating and when you are single. Moreover, the benchers keep you stringed to them through cute and feel-good messages and promises that they in reality do not fulfil.

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The reason this trend has become so popular is because couples these cannot make up their mind about who to date and who not to, and hence, they like to keep their options open without letting that person know that they are an option. The bencher might be attracted to the benchee but not enough to get committed.

They might get back to you when do not have anyone or need a plus one to take somewhere, or when they are lonely, but this could actually ruin your life as you do not know if you are being taken to be introduced to the buddies or to kill the person’s boredom.

If you are the benchee, it is actually difficult for you to know when and how you are being benched or whether the person actually likes you or not. Additionally, benching becomes a source of frustration where you start feeling that you are uncertain about things and happenings around you.

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So, it is time that you realise! If you are the bencher, it is time to stop and if you are the benchee, you need to keep your eyes, ears, and mind open, and in case, listen to your mind, and not your heart.

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