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Wondering how to spend your Independence Day holiday? Try these innovative ways


India is all set to celebrate its 73rd Independence Day tomorrow. A day when the entire country gears up to wear patriotism on their sleeve, unfurl the Indian national flag with pride and listen to the glory of the country’s progress. A day dedicated to the nation.

Independence Day is a national holiday and while we do feel happy about getting that one day of break, how about making this Independence Day special? A day dedicated to the spirit of the nation.

The newer generation has much to learn from the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters. In our run to ape the western world, we are somewhere forgetting the roots that bind us together. As parents and guardians, it is important we ensure that they feel the same pride for the country that we feel.

There are many ways in which we can show and feel our patriotism. The essence of spending that one day thinking about the country should be a natural urge.
Here are some innovative ways in which families can make Independence Day, an unforgettable event.

Watch/attend the flag hoisting ceremony – Watching the flag hoisting ceremony aired from the Red fort, New Delhi, is an ethereal experience. Learning about the past, listening to India’s glory and future developments give us a sense of connection.
Most condominiums, schools and colleges have compulsory ceremonies. Don’t miss them. Revel in the celebrations!

Wear tri-colour clothes – how about making the day even more special? Dress up in the colours of the flag and feel the pride of the country’s symbol of unity. It actually can change the mood completely.

Prepare tri-coloured dishes – that’s an innovative way for sure! Get into the kitchen and turn into a chef with the magical touch. Tri coloured dishes with Indian flavours can be fun. Eg. – coloured poori’s, rice and pakoras!

Watch patriotic movies – there are many movies that have been made on India’s struggle for freedom, the wars which have occurred post that and more that are generally within the definition of patriotism. Choose one and watch with the family. Let the movie itself become the relaxed time you would want to spend on a holiday.

Fly kites – a very famous and liked passion for Independence Day. Get onto the roof, armed with delicious snacks, patriotic music to give you company and loads of colourful kites. It’ll sure be a day you shall remember for ever.

Play family games with India as the theme – design and play games with your family. Some examples – state capitals, Important freedom movements, movies, iconic leaders and their stories. There is no dearth of knowledge as far as India’s independence journey is concerned.

Discuss the lives of prominent freedom fighters – how about reading excerpts from famous real-life stories. Discuss the sacrifices made by heroes of the freedom struggle like Bhagat Singh, Gandhiji, Subhash Chandra Bose to name a few. Gives a sense of pride to know the richness that our country possesses and an eye opener for the younger generation.

Independence Day is an important integral part of all Indians. Let us celebrate this day with full energy, gaiety, sense of commitment and honour for our country.


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