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NewsMobile Explainer: 5G Technology


The Department of Telecom has announced that trials for adoption of 5 G technology will commence in India in 2020 and the auctions will take place sometime in 2021-22.

A representational image of a 5G network

What exactly is 5G Technology and how will it affect our lives. Let us understand its implication.

1. What is 5G Technology?

5G stands for Fifth Generation technology. It enables a quick exchange of data between devices and quicker communication. Radio waves enable the exchange of data between devices.

Simply put, it promises a better internet speed.

Internet speeds have increased over time from generation to generation and has helped in development of technology.

1G- speed was 2.4 kilobytes per second (kbps)-Analog technology. Simple communication.

2G- 50 kbps- Digital technology. Enabled some other services such as video conferencing etc.

3G- 200 KBPS-Increased speed.

4G- 100 MBPS- Faster communication.

5G- 35 GBPS

2. How useful is 5G technology at the individual level?

As mentioned before, quicker internet speed will enable more tasks to be completed. Hence at the individual level, connection of various devices and more in number than 4G will be possible. This will enable quicker download of information, exchange of data and better video quality of online streaming of movies etc.

This will also enable Internet of Things (IOT) to operate and make lives easier. What exactly is IOT?

Representational image of IOT

Let us imagine, an individual wakes up in the morning after an alarm, automatically reminders are given regarding availability of milk and grocery items and orders are placed with the grocers, the stoves heat up, warm water is made available by sensory objects, then the traffic information and a route to the work place is automatically displayed and then the car which is automated is started and the individual is dropped at his work place.

This connection between devices is what is called the Internet of Things.

What this does as mentioned before is to make the lives of individuals easier and more connected.

5G Technology is able to sense objects and multiple devices are connected to it.

In the above example, a person’s wrist watch with the alarm is connected to this phone, stove, geysers, cars and house appliances.

3. How useful is 5G technology at the community level?

Smart cities need 5G technology to function efficiently. It enables the city administrations to regulate traffic signals based on real time traffic data, public transport availability based on demand, various municipal services, water and electricity demand estimation etc. All this is done on a real time basis.

Simply explained, traffic signals at IFFCO chowk Gurgaon will not be all having the same time. Let us assume, traffic from the MG Road side is more than traffic coming in from Sector 14 chowk. Then IOT enables IFFCO chowk signal waiting time to be 20 seconds as opposed to lets say 50 seconds at the Sector 14 traffic junction.

Simultaneously, this will also enable increased bus frequency at IFFCO Chowk, increased metro rail frequency, automatic information on the garbage disposal system and electricity demand. Briefly, a smart city is built.

4. 5G Technology and India

As India embarks on a path to achieve a US $5 trillion economy, it will be 5G technology that will power this achievement.

Multiple industries and start ups will benefit through the 5G Technology and Internet of Things.

Many government schemes such as housing, smart city projects will benefit through this.

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