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NM Positive | The bright side of the COVID-19 lockdown!


With the country under a complete lockdown, it is indeed proving to be a testing time for a whole lot of individuals who just cannot keep themselves within the four walls of their ‘home-sweet-home’.

Boasts like “lock me in a room with internet, food and bed and I would stay there forever” appear to be fizzling out as India gets ready for an extension of the lockdown till May 3.

People who always complained of not having enough time for things they wanted to do or loved to do, now have the golden opportunity of making this sudden abundance of time at their disposal count.

There’s a lot one can do to battle the lockdown blues. Let’s take have a look-

1. Developing a habit

You finally have the time-span to develop a habit or change a habit by dedicating a longer period to a practice in order to make/change a habit. You can give it all the time and practice.

2. Watch/ re-watch your wish-list!

With all the time at hand now, you can finally binge-watch and finish watching all the shows, series, and movies on your wish-list, or the ones your friends have been pestering you to watch for ages now!

You also have time to indulge in re-watching your favourite stuff which you’ve enjoyed but couldn’t ever revisit because of the paucity of time.

3. Read up and educate yourself

Before COVID-19, there were a host of issues that the country very passionately debated and talked of and many of us weren’t fully equipped or only half-equipped with knowledge leading to a confusion in the mind as to what opinions to form.

Owing to the lack of time and space, many people found themselves being carried in an unknown current of opinions. This time is perfect to read up, think, research, extensive-read on topics that one feels about. It is indeed extremely important to know what’s going on in the world, but what’s more important is that one knows the roots of what’s going on in the world.

4. Me time, finally!

And it’s finally the opportunity when you have time to give time to yourself! And a lot of it. Introspection, decisions, revamping things within yourself- all of these have their turns now. You have the time to spend with yourself- something we all longed for when this lockdown wasn’t even a probable theory for us.

5. Skin and hair, time for your care!

Now that you have all the time in the world, you can finally experiment, treat and set a routine for your skin and hair.

No office, no dates, no parties and a lot of time just staying in- perfect for a prolonged treatment like oiled hair for days or trying out a new hairstyle or experimenting with a new skin care routine, because there is enough recovery time if it goes wrong! And if it goes right, then you have your perfect mantra!

6. Natural diet control

With the lockdown being imposed, the cut in outside food and hence cut in unwanted oil, fat, sugar leads to the natural detoxification and cleansing process in the body and you end up shedding that unhealthy weight.

Moreover, the restriction to home food is a healthy routine, and even though one may crave for outside delicacies, you can’t deny that the positive and healthy changes in your body delight you more!

7. Reconnect, rekindle, catch up!

Reconnecting and catching up with grandparents, those old best friends, or even your parents is an easy task now.

As much as reconnecting with yourself is a crucial, reconnecting with those close ones is just as important.

8. Time to clean/ revamp!

We will eventually run out of the fancy stuff that we decided to do to pass our time, and what better than to tidy up or revamp the spaces we live in.

Investing yourself in re-decorating or cleaning up the long-forgotten mess will ultimately make you feel at ease in the head as well (there are psychological relation for real).

So go on unwinding yourself with some creativity and cleanliness!

9. You can see the stars!

With no people and hence no vehicles on the road, the pollution levels have come down significantly.

The result: clear blue skies and visible stars at night! If that isn’t delightful, then what is?

10. SLEEP!

You FINALLY have the time for the wish closest to your heart- SLEEP!


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