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Fact Check: Does The Viral Image Show Ukraine Tank In Iraq? Here’s The Truth


An image of a tank with a Ukrainian flag imprinted on it and a picture of Saddam Hussein in the background is widely being shared on social media. The image is shared with a caption claiming that it shows the moment when Ukrainian troops entered Baghdad, referring to their participation in the US war on Iraq.

The image is shared with a caption that reads, “পাপ বাপকেও ছাড়ে না যদিও যুদ্ধের বিপক্ষে তারপর ও স্বরন করতে মনে চাচ্ছে মিথ্যা আযুহাত দিয়ে ইরাকে হামলা চালাতে আমেরিকার সংগী হয়ে এসেছিল, হত্যা করেছিল সাধারণ মানুষকে, আজকে তাদেরকে মারতে রাশিয়া হাজির ছবিতে ইউক্রেনের ট্যাংক ইরাকে হামলায়”

(English translation according to Google, “Sin does not leave the father. Although against the war he still wants to gold Russia’s ally in invading Iraq with false pretences, killing civilians, Russia is ready to kill them today. In the picture, Ukrainian tanks attack Iraq.”)

The link to the post can be seen here.


NewsMobile did a fact-check and found the claim to be fake.

On doing a Google Reverse Image Search we found a similar image was published by the website Albawaba on December 5, 2013, with the caption that reads, “The secretary-general of the Kuwaiti liaison commission for environmental rehabilitation, said that the Kuwaiti compensation claims, according to UN resolution 258, cover six restoration ventures.”

On comparing the viral image with the original image we found that in the original image Ukrainian flag is not printed.

A similar image of the tank was also uploaded by Getty Image with the caption that reads, “A US soldier stands atop an Abrams M1/A1 tank below a picture of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein on the outskirts of Kuwait city on March 1, 1991. (Photo by Pascal GUYOT / AFP) (Photo by PASCAL GUYOT/AFP via Getty Images).”

A similar image of the landmark was also uploaded by Getty Image with the caption that reads, “American soldiers deployed in Kuwait during the Persian Gulf War rest in front of a mural of Saddam Hussein. In August of 1990, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, causing a coalition of countries to deploy troops into the region to expel Iraq from Kuwait. (Photo by Jacques Langevin/Sygma/Sygma via Getty Images)”

Hence we can ascertain that a morphed image has gone viral claiming that it shows a Ukrainian tank in Iraq.

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