Performance Standard Guidelines Issued For Two-Wheelers EVs


New Delhi: In the wake of recent incidents of two-wheeler EVs catching fire in several parts of the country, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has formulated and published a set of standards for electric vehicle batteries.

The standards for test specification of Lithium Ion Traction Battery Packs and system (performance testing) for Electrically Propelled Road Vehicles. The statement further added standard IS 17855:2022 for these battery packs and systems is harmonized with ISO 12405-4:2018.

The new set of standards includes testing procedures for the basic characteristics of performance, reliability, and electrical functionality for the battery packs and systems for either high power or high energy application.

The ministry added that the standards are formulated considering real-life scenarios for an electric vehicle such as “vehicle is in parking (battery is not used for an extended period of time), the battery system is being shipped (stored), operating battery at low and high temperature, etc., accordingly, various tests are incorporated in this standard.”

The ministry further said that they have issued two different sets of standards pertaining to the usage of the consumer. A different guideline has been formulated for passenger vehicles and goods-carrying vehicles.


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