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Meesho Announces 11-Day Off For Employees To ‘Reset And Recharge’


New Delhi: In a bid to tackle the problem of mental health fatigue and burnout of employees, E-commerce company Meesho for the second year in a row has announced a 11-day off starting from October 22 this year.

The move and employee benefit initiative is termed as “Reset and Recharge” that allows employees at all levels to just get away from work and relax, keeping their mental health as a priority

The company in a statement added that “With a deep focus on holistic well-being of employees, the move is a reflection of Meesho’s continued commitment towards building a people-centric workplace, one that truly looks after its employees.”

Ashish Kumar Singh, Chief Human Resources Officer, claimed that with the initiative the company is breaking norms of “conventional workspace”. He further added that “Such progressive policies have helped augment our employee centricity and industry-leading retention rates.”

Meesho in the statement claimed that burnout and anxiety are the major problems in the corporate workspace and with the initiative, the company aims to show that they follow “employee-first practices”.


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