Fact Check: Viral Post Of Israeli Protesters Calling PM Netanyahu A Murderer Is Misleading


A video claiming that the Israeli people are protesting on the streets and calling their Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a murderer is doing the rounds on social media. Many users on social media claim it to be true.

A Facebook user posted the viral post with a caption:
इज़राइल की जनता ख़ुद अपने PM नेतन्याहू को हत्यारा बता रही है, युद्ध के विरोध में सड़कों पर उतरी है.
..और इधर भारत में अनपढ़ अंधभक्त नेतन्याहू के लिए मरे पड़े हैं, समर्थन में रैली निकाल रहे है.
इसे मूर्खता कहेंगे या नफ़रती दिवालियापन ?
हमारा मानना है कि नफरत और युद्ध से मानवता को खतरा है. इस लड़ाई में निर्दोष बच्चे, बूढ़े, महिला दोनों तरफ से मारे जा रहे हैं. फिर क्यों ये लड़ाई ….

(English translation: Israeli public themselves calling their PM Netanyahu the murderer, taking to the streets in protest against the war. .. And here in India illiterate blind devotees are dead for Netanyahu, rallying in support. Is it called stupidity or hate bankruptcy? We believe that hate and war threatens humanity. Innocent children, old women are being killed on both sides in this fight. Then why this fight…)

You can check the post here.


NewsMobile fact-checked the viral post and found it to be misleading.

Running a Reverse Image Search of the video keyframes, the NM team identified a YouTube video on the official channel of Telegraph, dated March 12, 2023 and titled: Israel’s ‘biggest ever’ protests as Netanyahu govt persists with reform. Few of the keyframes of this video match with a part of the viral clip describing that over half a million protesters gathered in Tel Aviv to demonstrate against the government’s contentious plan to overhaul the judiciary.

Noticing the logo of ABC News in the report, our team found the report on the official website of ABC News, dated October 14, 2023, with a title: Some Israeli protesters call PM Netanyahu a ‘traitor’. As per the report, people were protesting against the government outside the IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv. They were demanding the release of their family members held hostage by Hamas. It was during this protest that they called their PM a traitor, not a murderer.

Therefore, we can conclusively say that the viral post is misleading.

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