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Shah Rukh Khan: A Name Loved Around The World


Shahrukh Khan is one such Bollywood actor, whose birthday is also kind of a celebration for his sea of fans. Well, that is the magic he has created on and off screen over the years with his craft, his intensity, his wit, his humour and his aura. His admirers are not just limited to India, SRK has successfully become a synonym for Bollywood across the globe.

Many personalities from around the world are hardcore Shahrukh Khan lovers despite in some cases having not met him even once, that’s the craze he has because of his brilliant art, which he has swooned people over from beyond the borders.

It’s 2nd November today- King Khan’s birthday, and what better than today to take a look at celebrities from across the borders who have talked about how big Shahrukh Khan fans are?

1. James Cameron: One of the celebrated directors of Hollywood, James has openly expressed his love for SRK. It was during his visit to India in 2010 when he had reportedly requested an autograph of Khan on Terminator 2’s poster. During an interview, Cameron also called SRK a ‘giant’ film star and went on to say that he wanted SRK’s autograph on MY Name Is Khan’s poster too.

2. Sharon Stone: It was during an event in 2022 when the world witnessed a priceless expression. It was during this event that SRK sat next to Stone. After the latter realised it, she gasped, clutched her heart and screamed ‘Oh my god’.

3. Daniel Radcliff: This celebrity with a huge fan following himself, once during an interview admitted that he is a big SRK fan. Radcliff said, ‘”I am a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan. I would like to work in a Bollywood movie with him. He is an epitome of style and class.’

4. Robert Pattinson: This one has even watched SRK’s classic ‘DDLJ’. He once shared, ‘Yes, I have, I have seen ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’. I believe the movies made in India are high on emotional aspects. Shah Rukh Khan is the actor I know and hence the one I like. Of course, I would love to do an Indian movie — acting and music together, the best for me.’

5. Leonardo DiCaprio: The world witnessed a fanboy moment when Leo shared his excitement when he was reportedly signed to do a movie with SRK. He said, ‘I am so happy to get a new project with Shah Rukh Khan.’

6. Kristen Stewart: Besides Robert Pattinson, his co-star Kristen is also a big SRK fan. She once said, ‘I am a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan who is the epitome of romance in Bollywood. And not just Hollywood, I’d love to work with him in Bollywood movies too and for that, I am also looking forward to learning Hindi… I’ve seen the promos for Ra. One which is very impressive… He is truly an inspiration.’

7. Paulo Coelho: This renowned lyricist’s one tweet is enough to prove what a big SRK fan he is. This one time he took to X (formerly known as Twitter) and posted, ‘King. Legend. Friend. But above all GREAT ACTOR ( for those who don’t know him in the West, I strongly suggest My name is Khan- and I am not a terrorist).’


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