India Stands Second For Employee Wellbeing, Japan Last On The List: Survey


A global survey conducted by McKinsey Health Institute has ranked India second for employee well-being. Turkey has secured the top spot whereas Japan has been ranked the lowest. The study was conducted by taking into account the physical, mental, social and spiritual health being of the employees.

Turkey secured the top spot with 78%, followed by India at second position with 76%, China at third spot with 75% and Japan at the last spot with 25% in the poll.

Around 30,000 employees from 30 countries took part in this survey, and the results of the survey are based on the inputs received by these participants.

According to the study, the physical health of Indian participants was recorded at 81%, mental health at 79% and social and spiritual health at 78%.

The study highlighted the burnout symptoms rate as well. According to the survey, the burnout symptoms rate of Indian participants was recorded at 59%, followed by Saudi Arabia at 36%, Egypt and Chile at 33% each. On the other hand, Cameroonian respondents reported the lowest burnout symptoms rate at 9 per cent.

Another concern highlighted in the study is the lack of energy, and more than a third of respondents in 29 surveyed countries reported exhaustion.

The survey further revealed that over 50% of employees show signs of burnout, which resulted in the chances of quitting their jobs three times more. Across the 30 countries covered in the study, 22 per cent of workers reported experiencing burnout symptoms at work.

Further investigating demographic disparities in burnout, the study highlighted that workers aged 18 to 24, those employed by smaller companies, and non-managerial professionals have higher rates of burnout symptoms.


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