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After Rashmika Mandanna, Deepfake Katrina Kaif’s Towel Scene from Tiger 3 Surfaces


The recent deepfake video of Rashmika Mandanna has caused an uproar on social media, with a manipulated image of Katrina Kaif from her upcoming film ‘Tiger 3’ being shared. In the original shot, Katrina was seen fighting with a Hollywood stuntwoman wearing a towel. However, the Deepfake AI tools were used to edit the image, now depicting her wearing a low-cut white top instead.

The image of Katrina from the ‘Tiger 3’ movie scene that has been altered has caused an uproar as deepfake technology can easily morph real people into another form. In this case, the image displayed her in attire different from what was used in the film.

In Rashmika’s case, the Deepfake video originally featured Zara Patel, a British-Indian influencer, but her facial features were substituted with that of the leading actor with the aid of the technology. This has led to a wave of worries about the misuse of deepfake content and the necessity for laws and regulations to restrict its spread.

AI-driven technology is utilized to produce deepfakes, which are synthetic media pieces that swap the appearance of someone in a picture or video with the likeness of another. Though the practice of creating false content is not new, deepfakes have the power to deceive due to the advanced machine learning and AI methods used to alter and generate visual and auditory media.


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