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Indoor Plants Perfect For Winter Season


Winter is here, the house needs that cozy vibe with warm lights, coffee table with books and ofcourse plants all around. But more often then not people struggle with what kind of plants to use during this season given the weather is not favourable for most kind of plants. Well, worry not we will help deck your house up with that perfect winter which also includes indoor plants thrive in the winter season. Here’s the list:

Aloe plant: This one should top your priority list as this needs bare minimum care for the survival. The outdoor temperature during the winter season won’t affect this indoor plant as long as the temperatures inside the are regulated. This one is a very common household succulent. Most importantly bright sunlight and the dry winter air helps it all the more t flower all year round.

Snake plant: It also known as ‘Mother-in-Law’s Tongue’. This plant is now regarded as the best winter indoor plant because it does not need a lot of water or high level of sunlight for the survival, thus making it perfect for the winter season. Also, it is an air purifying foliage plant. It helps in purifying the air and easily absorbs toxins like nitrogen oxide, benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde.

Orchid: First thing first the flowers of this particular plant ust add more beauty to the house. Now, this one is a perfect winter indoor plant because they need filtered light and moderately moistened soil, and they do not need a lot of water. Actually 2-3 ice cubes, once in a week is all the water this plant needs.

Dragon tree: This one is actually a perfect year-round house plant. They are drought intolerant, they can survive in a wide variety of temperature including harsh winters. This plant needs a well draining pot because they do not like their roots to get too wet.


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