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Record Breaking Grilled Cheese Sandwich Made In The US


Out of the countless sandwich options, the timeless classic of grilled cheese reigns as a beloved favourite. The melty richness of cheese nestled within the crunch of grilled bread creates an irresistible comfort food. Recently, two American vloggers elevated their love for this delight by setting a new world record for the largest grilled cheese sandwich. Exodus and Iggy Chaudhry, YouTubers with a passion for this dish, aim for this feat to celebrate reaching 100K subscribers, as documented on the Guinness World Records (GWR) website.

According to the GWR website, ‘After seeing a video of the world’s largest pizza, the brothers became inspired to break a ‘big food’ record of their own, and since their home state of Wisconsin is well known for its cheese, they decided to make the world’s largest grilled cheese sandwich. Exodus and Iggy enlisted the help of their parents and neighbours to create it, successfully breaking the record with a supersized sandwich measuring 1.89 metres (6.2 ft) wide, 3.32 metres (10.8 ft) long, and 7 cm (2.7 in) thick. It was 35% larger than the previous record holder, which was made in the year 2000 by Cabot Creamery of Vermont.’

The website further stated, ‘Exodus and Iggy’s team experimented with multiple types of bread, ultimately choosing focaccia because they found that the giant slices retained their structure better than other types of bread. The two big bread slices were baked on a giant griddle which was constructed specifically for this record attempt. The cheese was then added in between the bread before being grilled again. The bottom of the sandwich was cooked with open flames, while blow torches were used to brown the top side.’

‘Two of the major challenges they faced were ensuring that all the cheese was melted and that both sides of the sandwich were browned. If these criteria were not met, the team would not be awarded the record. It took over an hour of torching for the top side to be completely crisped. After the giant grilled cheese was cooked, it was cut up and weighed 189.9 kg (418.7 lb) – nearly 100 lb heavier than the previous record holder’, the website noted.


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