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Deepfakes In India: Google Explains How It Plans To Fight Fake AI-Generated Content


New Delhi: The rise of deepfakes, manipulated content created through AI, has become a major concern. Recently, several deepfake videos featuring Indian celebrities circulated on social media. Google, recognizing the potential risks, is making substantial investments in AI-related technology.

In a blog post, a senior Google executive said that the company is conducting tests to assess various safety and security risks, which include the emergence of novel forms of AI-generated, lifelike synthetic audio or video content referred to as “synthetic media.”

Michaela Browning, Vice President of Government Affairs & Public Policy, at Google Asia Pacific, said that there is “no silver bullet” to address the issue of deep fakes and AI-generated misinformation.

“It requires a collaborative effort, one that involves open communication, rigorous risk assessment, and proactive mitigation strategies,” she said in the blog post. Referring to YouTube, Browning highlighted that Google utilizes a blend of human and machine learning technologies to enforce community guidelines, with reviewers worldwide. “In our systems, Al classifiers help detect potentially violating content at scale, and reviewers work to confirm whether content has actually crossed policy lines. Al is helping to continuously increase both the speed and accuracy of our content moderation systems,” she said.

Google is actively pursuing collaboration in India, working closely with policymakers, researchers, and experts to devise effective solutions. A substantial grant of USD $1 million has been allocated by Google to the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, to establish a groundbreaking multidisciplinary centre focused on Responsible AI.

“This centre will foster collective effort – involving not just researchers, but domain experts, developers, community members, policymakers and more – in getting Al right, and localizing it to the Indian context” she said.

Furthermore, the tech giant is also partnering with the Indian government for “a multi-stakeholder discussion aligns with our commitment to addressing this challenge together and ensuring a responsible approach to AI.”

According to Browning and Google, adopting a multistakeholder approach and promoting responsible AI development can guarantee that AI is utilized for positive rather than negative purposes.

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