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BJP Gets A Booster Shot For 2024 Polls; PM Modi’s Charisma Works, Congress Wrests Telangana From BRS


New Delhi: The recently concluded state election results in India provide a nuanced snapshot of the political landscape, with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) showcasing adeptness in navigating the last mile, particularly in states where they secured victories. While the Congress party managed to make gains in the South, the road to the 2024 general elections appears challenging, emphasizing the need for strategic recalibration.

BJP’s Last Mile Strategy

The BJP’s success in various states underscores its prowess in executing effective last-mile strategies.

The mapping of the polling booths. The ability to connect with voters at the grassroots level, address local concerns, and deploy charismatic leadership have proven instrumental. This resonates with the BJP’s emphasis on a bottom-up approach when it comes to converting votes by capitalising on the persona of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the impact of the government’s welfare schemes.

This is an asset that could play a pivotal role in shaping the party’s strategy for the upcoming national elections.

Congress Gains in the South

The Congress party’s gains in Telangana after its victory in Karnataka provide some consolation to the grand old party.

This indicates a degree of resonance with voters and a potential revival of the party’s fortunes. However, these gains are regional in scope and may not necessarily translate into a nationwide resurgence also Congress gained on anti-incumbency for the BRS. The party needs to consolidate these gains and expand its footprint beyond if it wants to pose a formidable challenge to the BJP in the 2024 elections.

For now, it is an advantage BJP in these elections and this will be a morale booster for them in elections 2024, what they need to work on is to get some southern coalitions in place which continues to be the weak point for the party.

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