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Google Unveils Gemini, Its largest AI model


Alphabet, the parent company of Google, introduced Gemini on Wednesday, heralded as its largest and most capable AI model yet. This breakthrough follows the merger of Alphabet’s AI research entities, DeepMind and Google Brain, into Google DeepMind.

Gemini will be available in three distinct versions—Ultra, Pro, and Nano—and is slated for integration across Google’s entire suite of products. Google officials claimed that thier new AI model is expected to outperform every other AI models including OpenAI’s GPT-4 model in most  of the popular industry benchmarks.

“Today we announced Gemini, our most capable model with sophisticated multimodal reasoning capabilities. Designed for flexibility, Gemini is optimized for three different sizes — Ultra, Pro and Nano — so it can run on everything from data centers to mobile devices,” Google said in a statement.

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai took to X(formerly known as Twitter), posting a video of Gemini being tested. He wrote, “Seeing some qs on what Gemini *is* (beyond the zodiac :). Best way to understand Gemini’s underlying amazing capabilities is to see them in action.”

Google is now integrating Gemini across its core products, with Bard utilising Gemini Pro for advanced reasoning. Pixel 8 Pro introduces Gemini Nano with features like Summarise and Smart Reply. Gemini is set to enhance search speed, with plans for Gemini Ultra in the Bard Advanced experience next year. Google plans to expand Gemini’s reach to ads, Chrome, and Duet AI soon.

“These are the first models of the Gemini era and the first realization of the vision we had when we formed Google DeepMind earlier this year. This new era of models represents one of the biggest science and engineering efforts we’ve undertaken as a company. I’m genuinely excited for what’s ahead, and for the opportunities Gemini will unlock for people everywhere.” said Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai.

Android developers will now have access to Gemini Nano through AICore, a newly introduced system capability in Android 14. Starting December 6, Pixel 8 Pro users can leverage this capability, while Google also plans to extend support to a wider range of Android devices.

Meanwhile, starting December 13, developers will gain access to Gemini Pro through the Gemini API, available on both Google AI Studio and Google Cloud Vertex AI. This marks a significant advancement, opening up new possibilities for harnessing Gemini’s capabilities in artificial intelligence.

Additionally, Gemini Ultra is Google’s most expansive and powerful model, tailored for intricate tasks. Engineered to swiftly comprehend and respond to diverse information formats, including text, images, audio, video, and code, Gemini Ultra stands as a cutting-edge solution for complex computational challenges.

Currently, Gemini Ultra is undergoing exclusive testing with a limited group comprising select customers, developers, as well as safety and responsibility experts. This phase aims to gather early insights and feedback. Following this initial phase, a wider deployment targeting developers and enterprise customers is scheduled for early next year.

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