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Bollywood Veterans Neetu Kapoor, Zeenat Aman Graced The Koffee Couch


We are definitely in for some overdose of ‘Koffee’, all thanks to Karan Johar’s much-loved chat show ‘Koffee With Karan’ which we definitely seem to not have enough of. Yes, new week, another Thursday, which means a brand new episode of Koffee With Karan. Well, one thing that aptly describes this season is the unconventional pairing of guests, the pairings we didn’t know needed, the Koffee debuts we were least expecting, but they turned out to be nothing but amazing.

Keeping up with this vibe, the guests of this new episode were everything we needed in this season. Walking us all down to the memory lane, when the days were much more simpler and so different than what it is today, the cinema veterans Neetu Kapoor and Zeenat Aman graced the Koffee couch. This particular episode was all about some golden anecdotes of the paps era when social media was not a thing. This episode was definitely a breath of fresh air.

Highlights of the episode:

Neetu Kapoor reminisces the last days with Rishi Kapoor: The episode began with remembering late actor Rishi Kapoor. Actress Neetu Kapoor shared how the last days the two of them spent in New York when the late actor was battling with cancer and was also undergoing treatment there. The actress shared, ‘I don’t like to remember the sad part. I like to remember the good part of our relationship and of our time in New York. So, New York was really sad but we had the best year of my life. Because Chintu Ji was a very loving person. I always still say it in the present tense. He had a lot of love in him. But there was something, he never really showed his love.’

The actress also shared that during his last days how he changed in terms of expressing his love towards his family and his near and dear ones. She added, ‘He always kept his distance bullied people and didn’t prefer showing his love. Especially with me and my children. He was like a big thing that respect and he comes from that family. With that, he lost out on all those years with his children. He was never a friend to them, but that year he opened up and showed love towards me as well. We had the best time. We did have some really sad moments when he was neutropenic, chemo days and the red cells used to go down. But when he was fine, we used to party, go out for lunch and have fun.’

The fun fight over ‘Raha’: Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s darling daughter Raha is definitely the apple of everyone’s eye. Now one thing that goes without saying is people fighting for her attention. Neetu Kapoor shared this fun story about how she asked the house help to make Raha say ‘papa’. She shared, ‘When the baby is growing at home, I like doing this fun thing. I keep asking the help and tell them to make her say ‘papa’. And Soni says, tell her to say ‘mama’. So we are having this little battle. So I went the other day to the house and Alia said, by the way, she said ‘mama’. So I said, She didn’t say ‘mama’. She said ‘mum-mum’. So don’t be so happy.’

Zeenat Aman’s golden words on ‘depression’: The awareness around mental health is pretty much there in today’s day and age. However, things were completely different back in the 80’s and the 90’s. Talking about how failure and actresses have had their own share of mental health struggles even back then, Zeenat Aman shared, ‘Fame is such a fickle thing. And you cannot hinge your sense of self-worth on that. Because one day you are loved; the next day you are disliked; the third day you are hated; the fourth day you are pitied. And a few days down the road they will resurrect you again. So why would you base your sense of self-worth on something as fickle as that?’

Zeenat Aman’s secret behind her fitness: Well, we all know how strict the fitness regime, the stars follow today. They all have personal trainers, and special diets to follow. However, things were very different during Zeenat Aman’s era. Still, the actress has all her life been applauded for her amazing fitness. Today we got to know the secret behind that. Neetu Kapoor revealed during the episode that she once peeked into Zeenat Aman’s lunchbox and found just yoghurt and stir-fried cabbage in it. To that Zeenat ji added, ‘I ate carefully’.

Zeenat Aman’s newfound love for social media: We all know Zeenat Aman has always been way ahead of her time. The perfect example of that is her presence on Instagram. Her posts and her captions have become a topic of discussion, and all for good reasons only. Sharing her experience on Instagram, the actress shared, ‘It wasn’t me, it was my kids. It was my younger son and his partner.’ She added, ‘I think Instagram is such a wonderful platform if used correctly. It gives you a voice and provides a space to express yourself authentically, not dictated by a third or fourth-person’s definition of you. I was overwhelmed with the love and affection, completely overwhelmed.’

Zeenat Aman’s top picks for her biopics: Rapid fire rounds never fail to amaze us. During this round, Karan Johara asked the actress, ‘If a biopic were to be made on you, which actor from the current lot should play you?’ She replied, ‘Priyanka Chopra.’ She was further asked to name an actress from the current generation she thinks can perfectly play her character of ‘Rupa’ in a hypothetical ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram 2’. The actress suggested Deepika Padukone’s name.

Neetu Kapoor on Jaya Bachchan’s ‘nok-jhok’ with the paps: These days, the paps are omnipresent. Adding to that, some of the stars also enjoy a good rapport with these paps, one of them being Neetu Kapoor. Addressing this KJo talked about how Neetu Kapoor engages with these paps and compared her interaction with that of Jaya Bachchan. To that, the actress responded, ‘I feel Jaya Ji does it on purpose. She did it once. Now she does it on purpose, she is not like that. She is so lovely. They (paps) enjoy and she enjoys it, so I think they are all in cahoot.


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