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Passenger Gets Stuck Inside Mumbai-Bengaluru Flight Lavatory; Rescued After Landing


New Delhi: The SpiceJet crew faced an unexpected challenge during a routine Mumbai-Bengaluru flight when they discovered a passenger trapped inside the airplane’s toilet. The crew’s attempts to unlock the malfunctioning door proved futile, leaving the passenger in a state of shock due to the confinement.

The crew composed a note on a piece of paper to reassure the trapped individual and slid it under the toilet door. The note, which has since gained viral attention on social media, conveyed the crew’s unsuccessful attempts to open the door and advised the passenger to remain calm. The message assured the individual that the plane would be landing shortly, and an engineer would be available to resolve the situation.

Fortunately, the passenger was successfully rescued after the plane touched down in Bengaluru, with an engineer managing to unlock the stubborn door. The entire ordeal lasted for over an hour, and SpiceJet promptly provided medical attention to the passenger upon rescue.

SpiceJet issued a statement addressing the incident, attributing the passenger’s confinement to a malfunction in the door lock. The airline expressed regret for the inconvenience caused to the individual and extended a full airfare refund.

On 16 January, a passenger unfortunately got stuck inside the lavatory for about an hour on SpiceJet flight operating from Mumbai to Bengaluru, while the aircraft was airborne due to a malfunction in the door lock. Throughout the journey, our crew provided assistance and guidance to the passenger. Upon arrival, an engineer opened the lavatory door, and the passenger received immediate medical support,” SpiceJet said.

“The passenger who got stuck inside the lavatory for about an hour on SpiceJet flight operating from Mumbai to Bengaluru is being provided a full refund,” the airline added.

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