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Fact Check: Old Picture of SRK in a Train Shared As Recent


A picture of Shah Rukh Khan in a train has surfaced on the internet claiming that Shah Rukh Khan was recently travelling in a train.

The image caption in Hindi reads: “ट्रेन में सफर के दौरान शाहरुख खान बिल्कुल आम पब्लिक लग रहे हैं। बॉलीवुड के बादशाह यानि शाहरूख खान के पास कई महंगी चीजों के साथ एक प्राइवेट जेट भी है. रिपोर्ट्स की मानें तो इस जेट की कीमत करीब 350 करोड़ है बताई जाती है।”

(English translation: Shahrukh Khan looks like a normal public while travelling on the train. The king of Bollywood i.e. Shahrukh Khan also has a private jet along with many expensive things. If reports are to be believed, the price of this jet is said to be around Rs 350 crore.)

The above post can be seen here.


NewsMobile fact-checked the above post, and found it to be misleading.

On putting the picture through Reverse Image Search, we found the same picture in The Times of India article, dated January 16, 2020. According to the article, the picture was taken during the promotion of SRK’s 2017 movie Raees, when he took a train ride from Mumbai to Delhi. Reports of SRK taking the train during Raees promotion can be seen here, here and here.

NDTV also uploaded the video in 2017 with the title, “Come On Board Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees Special Train.”

So, we can conclusively say that the old picture of SRK has been shared as recent.

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