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How US Man Used ChatGPT To Trick McDonald’s For 100 Complimentary Meals


New Delhi: Chatbots using AI are becoming increasingly important in technology. They can do various things like generating text, sharing information, solving problems, and helping with programming. Unfortunately, some people are misusing them. Recently, a person in the US who says he’s a millionaire claimed he used ChatGPT to trick McDonald’s into giving him 100 free meals, according to the New York Post.

Gage, the owner of a resale group called All Things Arbitrage, openly said on a podcast that he took receipts from cash registers and tables. He used the unique codes on these receipts to send feedback to McDonald’s and get free meals.

‘’If you just put you’re highly dissatisfied with every single answer and then use ChatGPT — you just type in something like, ‘Write about a time that I had a horrible experience at McDonald’s where I ordered a Big Mac and make it under 1,200 characters,’’ the 22-year-old said in the podcast.

‘’Copy that, you paste in … it’s usually really bad. And if it’s not bad enough, you might type, ‘Make it worse. You punch that in, fill in an email, boom. In, like, 12 hours, a representative will send you an email with one, two, or three or four meal vouchers completely for free,’’ he added.

He said he’s been using this method for nine months and has gotten 100 vouchers, stating, “Food tastes better when it’s free.”

After facing criticism online for the hack, Gage responded, “It doesn’t harm anyone. I’m not mentioning any names — it’s just purely to get the meal voucher.”

Despite this, people remained unimpressed, expressing worry about the specific McDonald’s outlet receiving many negative reviews.

One user said, ‘’It doesn’t harm anyone. It will when McDonald’s shut down that branch. After all, it’s had thousands of bad reviews because someone is too cheap to buy a 99p burger.’’

Another person commented, ‘’This guy is what is wrong with this generation! These poor minimum wage workers getting threats of being fired because of their fraudulent accounts.’’

A third user added, ‘’It does harm people, though. McDonald’s obviously targets their franchisees and if customer satisfaction drops below a certain threshold then they risk losing the franchise.’’

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