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Donald Trump Eyes Florida Senator As potential Running Mate


Washington: Former President Donald Trump is looking towards Florida senator Marco Rubio as his potential running mate. Trump has a list of 15 candidates for the Vice-President’s position.

When asked about the possible list of running mates, which included former Representative Tulsi Gabbard, Senator Tim Scott (Republican-South Carolina), South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, and Representative Byron Donalds (Republican Florida), the former president voiced optimism last month during a media channel’s town hall.

As per an NBC news report, Trump’s apparent seriousness about Rubio hints at his priorities. Rubio who was born in Miami is the son of working-class Cuban immigrants, is a third-term senator who looks good on Paper and television, and could be a powerful combination for Trump.

He is the first non-white candidate to run for president on the Republican ticket, which fits with Trump’s current strategy to win over Latino votes. He has also held federal office for a longer period than Vice President Kamla Harris. A seasoned Republican from Florida stated that Rubio’s involvement in the race is evident from Trump’s sphere of influence. Rubio’s eligibility raises constitutional questions even if he decides to run.

The American constitution prohibits electors from voting for a president and vice-president from their states. As per Article II, Section 1, Clause 3 “The Electors shall meet in their respective states, and vote by ballot for two persons, of whom one at least shall be not an inhabitant of the same State with themselves”. Due to this a long-time Texan, Dick Cheney changed his residency from Texas to Wyoming to run as George Bush’s Vice Presidential candidate in 2000.

Rubio has admitted that there might be a problem, saying that since they both come from the same state, things are probably not going to go as planned. It was unclear, according to the NBC news portal, if Rubio would be prepared to follow suit.

Trump emphasized how crucial it is to choose the vice president wisely, taking into account that person’s capacity to assume the presidency in an emergency. He has argued that historically, the choice of vice president has had little bearing on the result of elections. The Trump team intends to evaluate contenders’ fundraising skills during the campaign trail through auditions.

According to NBC News reports, renowned fundraiser Rubio helped Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign raise close to $50 million. Rubio may have resigned his Senate position to join the ticket, allowing Florida Governor Ron De Santis to choose his replacement, according to rumours circulating in the state’s political circles. Although Rubio and Trump were bitter rivals during the 2016 GOP primary, their friendship has since warmed considerably as Rubio has backed Trump’s policies and endorsed him in the most recent contests.

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