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US Elections 2024: Who May Donald Trump Pick As His Running Mate For The Upcoming Polls


Washington D.C: Donald Trump has been chosen as the Republican party nominee for the Presidential elections in November this year. On the other hand, President Joe Biden is the nominee for the Democratic party as he seeks to secure a second term in the White House.

Being second in line for the leadership of the world’s most powerful country is not easy. But under Donald Trump’s leadership in 2016-2020 things were tough for then Vice President Mike Pence. As the riots that happened at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, they had a specific target in mind which was the outgoing US Vice President Mike Pence. They built wooden gallows and called out his name saying “Hang Mike Pence, Hang Mike Pence”.

At the Congress hearings which were conducted after the election one of the informants told the FBI investigators that if given a chance some far-right insurrectionists would have tried to kill Mike Pence but he just escaped with his life. The insurrection as per Federal investigation alleges that the people who attacked the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021, were drawn to the Capitol by Trump who had lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden.

They were after Trump’s VP because he had betrayed Trump by not refusing to certify the election results. The job of the Vice President of the United States is not a normal one at the best of times. The person chosen to run alongside Trump in this year’s Presidential elections will no doubt be keeping Pence’s experience in mind. It will be someone who will pledge his/her undying loyalty to Donald Trump as former President and his supporters will accept nothing less.

Typically, a political calculation is used to select the vice presidential candidate. One could argue, for example, that a presidential nominee’s running partner balances out any perceived or actual shortcomings.

For instance, the somewhat more seasoned Southerner Lyndon B. Johnson was selected over the comparatively youthful Northerner John F. Kennedy. In a similar vein, Barack Obama, who was seeking to become the first Black president, went with the more seasoned and senior Joe Biden. Trump picked Pence to counteract his perceived weakness during his first term in office, which ran from 2016 to 2020. Evangelical voters are a vital basis of support for any Republican contender.

The commonly accepted wisdom is that Trump has a both race and a woman problem and he should pick a candidate who addresses one of those concerns. The leading candidates in the race appear to be Tim Scott and Vivek Ramaswamy. Tim Scott who is from South Carolina has been dubbed as Trump’s new Black best friend and is the only black Republican in the Senate. Scott has indicated his love for Trump.

During the Republican Campaign for Presidential nomination, Ramaswamy had presented himself as the newer, shinier Trump He said that in one rememberable moment in the debates he was the first to raise his hand when the candidates were asked who would still support Trump if he was convicted of a crime. Ramaswamy quickly endorsed Trump as soon as he dropped out of the race.

Such open declarations of allegiance would surely please Trump. However, there is no evidence that Trump believes race will be a barrier to his candidacy—quite the contrary. In the second group, it is widely believed that the selection of three conservative justices to the Supreme Court, which ultimately resulted in the overturning of Roe v. Wade, is directly responsible for Trump’s “woman problem.”

As Biden has stated, it is dangerous for candidates to undervalue the influence that women have in politics and the electorate. Kristi Noem, the governor of South Dakota, and Elise Stefanik, a representative from New York, are two of the most popular female Republican vice presidential contenders. The political calculations underlying Trump’s potential choices are revealed by the fact that both are seen as formidable contenders. Trump has changed his mind about banning abortion, while Stefanik and Noem both take incredibly conservative stances about reproductive rights.

Although she might have fewer possibilities, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green is frequently added to this list. Even though she commands a lot of attention and flaunts her Trump allegiance, Trump dislikes sharing the limelight. Additionally, there’s a good chance Trump will select a wild card contender. He is becoming more and more angry at what we could call “establishment” political counsel that tries to suppress his worst impulses.

Some claim that considering the celebrity that has surrounded Trump, there won’t be much of a vote change due to his pick of running partner. It doesn’t matter as a result. However, some astute observers of American politics contend otherwise. The choice of vice president is more significant than usual given the senior age of both Trump and Biden, in part because there is a greater likelihood than usual that this individual will eventually be promoted to the Oval Office.

In the case of Trump, some contend that since it will be his second term in office, he will be a “lame duck” president from the start. Thus, as the presumed nominee for 2028, all eyes will be on his vice president. It also presumes that Trump’s next vice president would, like Pence, decide to forgo their political future or American democracy rather than wholeheartedly embrace Trump’s authoritarianism.

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